New Justin Bieber Movie Poster: Unveiled! Adorable!

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In the latest trailer for "Never Say Never," we learn that Justin Bieber never took musical lessons.

We wonder, though: did this teenage icon take lessons in looking cute or inspiring a nation? Because both of those traits are on display in the new movie poster for his upcoming biopic.

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It will be released on February 11, and allow THG to offer some free advice to 16-year olds around the country: if you have a girlfriend, Bieber is doing you a huge favor. Purchase tickets for this film as a Valentine's Day gift. Then, sit back and look forward to an ever-grateful gal pal. We're talking about some major hand-holding in that theater, guys!


I'm impressed by your writing. Are you a profeissaonl or just very knowledgeable?


I everyone i want to know when the movie of justin bieber will come in mauritius,please reply me if you know am waiting for your comment,goodbye thank you thank before hand:-)


I love justin bieber so much i want to give j.b a gift of a car i swear to god i will do it the first person i love in the world its j.b


0oo.....bieber u so hand some


I goin to watch yo movie after mii birthday cant wait


ohh my bieber...
are you so cute and cool...
i love you bieber...:)


Ohhh wow!!!!really.....what kinda of stupid ass guy will but that as a gift....LAME!!!!oh welll....i still cant believe my friend is making me go with her......


Y'all know justin is kinnda cute y'all call him gay but he ain't!!!!!




hey justen you so hot you have new girlfriend her name is victoria she really likes you she so exited to see you maybe ask my friend date

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