Miley Cyrus Voted Worst Celebrity Influence... Again

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Miley Cyrus has gone back-to-back!

But this singer's accomplish isn't as impressive as the consecutive titles won by the Los Angeles Lakers.

Miles to Go, Errands to Run

For the second year in a row, Miley has been named in an AOL poll as the Worst Celebrity Influence alive. Most discouraging for the 18-year-old, who earned 58% of the 99,000 votes cast on JSYK dot com? The site's target audience is her core fan base, 9-15 year olds.

Among the stars Miley beat out were Amber Portwood, Lindsay Lohan, Kanye West ad Demi Lovato.

Do you agree with these results? Who would you have voted for as the Worst Celebrity Influence of 2010?


Miley said that she's young & still learning the world herself. She's just being herself.She changed too fast. firstly she was role model 4 kids but now she isn't anymore. She's not 4 kids. But 4 19 yaer old girl she's not worse than any other girl of her age!


Miley is not a bad influence. She grew up. She is not a 13 year old girl anymore. She still present good morals and ethic values to your fans. There is no such thing as Neverland. Everyone grows up. Give her a break. She could not be a disney star forever.


Lindsay is not a bad influence cuz NO ONE LOOKS UP TO HER !!!! Demi has gone through prblems n miley is a bad influence her songs r not for lil girls to here i am upset on what happend 2 poor miley she waz such a good girl n dont tell me to shutup b/c im not a hater i do like her n her music she is not a slut but she dresses like one n all im sayin is she IS a bad influence but i like her just miss the old miley so plz no one like curse at me for sayin this its just how I think n its true


Miley's not bad at all. she's my icon since elementary. i love her so much. i think she just grew fast. LINDSAY LOHAN is the worst influence next to paris :P
what do you think about going inside and out in rehab????


Miley is brilliant she's been though the dirt and come out clean. What's the problem she doesn't need to confess anything to know one she don't know.Ive spoke to her she's nice and sweet I'm a true fan and she knows it. Nobody perfect and they shouldnt be a poll about it.every needs just to leave the celebs alone they ain't your problem so why make it??? Demi brilliant I luv her shes the best Lindsay ok i like her.never heard of the others sozzxx lol XXc


Actually, Miley isnt bad influence . .
Bt, there's smthing wrong with her make her get wilder . .




Miley isnt a bad influence. Ok sure shes done crazy things but she isnt perfect. Shes juss growing up. She isnt hannah no more so she isnt going to stay young forever. Everyone exept the fact that she is growing up and leave her alone and dont worry about her,worry about YOU. Love u miley i have ur back like a TRUE fan would :)


well, it pples choice who they vote for or not, i have nohing against miley, and im aslo not a big fan as i used to be when i was 8years old. But i think pple have thier opinion and there is no point of telling pple they have no life because they hate or like miley and have a different opinion from you. Deal with lol :). Butt i have to admit Lindsay lohan is wayyyy worser. And miley is nothing like lindsay lohan lol. :)


Seriously, miley isn't that bad but nobody is perfect and she is the best, haters go to HELL, but miLey ROCKS


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