Lindsay Lohan Calls 911 on Shady Photographer

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Lindsay Lohan personally called 911 after a “high speed chase” with members of the celebrity gossip media, according to a source close to the star.

“Scared and frustrated” with the paparazzi's attention, Lohan pleaded for help and the LAPD Pacific Division responded at the scene in Venice Beach.

What they found was a “very, very minor incident” however.

Stylish Lo

No charges were filed, but Lindsay was shaken up.

According to Lohan’s camp, the altercation was so serious she is considering asking her lawyer to go to court in a bid to get a restraining order.

“One of the photographers was the same guy who followed her when she was at the Betty Ford Center in Palm Springs,” a source reports.

“He drives a Prius with tinted windows and follows her everywhere, often speeding and running up to her at traffic lights. It’s stalking.”

Here's hoping no one gets hurt. Come on, guys. Give her some room. There will be plenty of chances for Lindsay Lohan pictures. Chill.


Minor incident? They are stalkers. I am not a Lindset fan at all but even she doesn't deserve this. Seriosuly chill paps. Give people some privacy. They are the absolute scum of the earth. Stalking people (in dangerous fashions) for money... sick


God is it me or is she looking like her mom more and more these days? And no that is not a complement!


You useless piece of SHIT. Stay home once in a while and stop spending the hard-working people's TAX MONEY. On second thought, GET THE F*&*K OUT OF HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!




Well yea even though its was a minor incident she still needs her privacy....

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