Spencer Pratt Rap Song: First, Hilarious Listen!

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You know if Spencer Pratt doesn't want something released that will get him publicity, it must be beyond bad. His rap song, "Ain't No Thang," certainly qualifies.

Details are fuzzy, but the rumor is that Spencer recorded it at an L.A. studio last year, but was so embarrassed he never wanted it to see the light of day.

Luckily for us, he did not get his wish as it leaked this morning.

"Ain't No Thang" is an ode to chicken wings (we guess) and other nonsense that must be heard to be believed. Have a tissue handy, you may cry laughing ...

It's official. Spencer is officially worse at rapping than Heidi Montag is at improving her appearance. Both just keep setting the bar lower and lower.

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"Ain't No Thang"...?!? Who does he think he is, African-American? This is officially the worst thing ever.


Oh and Spencer and his bubblehead plastic wife of his do not have day jobs so there is nothing to quite. I think they are trying to find a day job but this is not it.


WOW Genine, you are cutting it too close to say that Kim's crapy "Tardy for the party" song is better than this one. Yikes they are and Miley's song all suck!! They all need to stop singing!


Even though this is comical, it is MUCH better than that Atlanta Housewife's song, "Tardy for the Party!" And, actually better than Miley Cyrus, whose off-key whining is the most annoying thing ever recorded! Still, I hope they don't quit their "day jobs"


Please someone give this asswipe sum "Doe" so he will shut the hell up!!!!!


Yea having Kim think she can sing is a good one!! I especailly like the hair!!


i forgot to put SING!!!after actually


Seriously now a days EVERYONE thinks they can actually.....lets see,justin b., kim k.,and now him.....o_0


What a LOOSER!! Try again DOUCHE BAG!!


that might just be my new favorite song LOL :)