Kendra Wilkinson: Inside Her Fake Divorce Drama

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The latest issue of In Touch Weekly takes readers inside the pending divorce between Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett.

But allow THG to save you the cover price of this tabloid and do the reporting for you: there is no pending divorce between Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett. That's pretty much it.

Fake Divorce Drama

With no new sex tape on the market, and having already pretended to have had a miscarriage, Kendra has turned to fake relationship drama in order to remain relevant.

Just to be clear: Wilkinson has not called it quits. She has not met with a divorce lawyer. And there's no battle for her baby. It also might be difficult for Angelina and Brad to have honeymooned in Africa, seeing as the couple isn't actually married.


that is crap.pls Kendra and Hank be strong dont allow detractors and your enemies to succeed in breaking your home.pls pretend you dont even see all things been published show them that there are still celebrities thaat can be together forever.dont mind them.


yea but it will happen since now she got another damn sextape out i don't know why hank married her and she still talk about hef and seeing him to


I think Celebritis never get a break somebody always has something to say about them. And never good either they are gaining weight or their cheating or their on drugs. Just let Celebrities be Celebrities Kendrea I love your show I wish you the best From NJ


This crap is all In-Touch's fault, not Kendra's. Do you really think she is out there spreading rumors about her own divorce?! That is just stupid. And she didn't spread rumors about a fake miscarriage. That was the tabloids cover making it seem that way. People need to stop reading this crap. Don't believe everything you read!


If she did set that up just to stay "famous" thats redicioulous ... Get a life ... Do something possitive not neggative wtf does she want to end up like b spears? Majority all ready has a problem with her cus of her backgrond and shes not making it any better.. Shut the fuck up n live ur life ur mans rich so its not for money damn get over urself kendra... ATTENTION WHORE!!


waat! hank and kendra lukd lyk they kuld hang in 2getha much longer...and hank knew wat he was getting hmslf into wen he decided 2 marry an ex-playboy.


Who knows if this is true but we do know that Kendra, like Kim K. like to bitch and moan about things that they have caused in their own lives and get money to tell the whole world their sob story! BOO FUCKIN WHOO!! Shut your pie hole!


Are we sure she said she was getting a divorce or was this news from the tabloids? I know "stars" go to outrageous lengths to stay the hot topic but some of the stories I don't think they create.


OH. From here on out the desperate lengths many are willing to go for fame, a few bucks. Kendras story will be particularly pathetic.

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The Girls Next Door Kendra Wilkinson was a star on The Girls Next Door. But she left that show, along with Hugh Hefner, in 2008. From there, Kendra met and... More »
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