Kate Middleton Wedding Outfit: Did She Boob?

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Last month, a tabloid pretended that Kate Middleton was in crisis, mostly due to a few leaked photos that depicted her family in an embarrassing situation.

But this story is very real, and very troubling: the princess-to-be was spotted at a wedding in Boroughbridge, donning an ensemble that many in the British press considered too revealing.

  • Too Sheer?
  • Kate Middleton Wedding Outfit

Based on the sheer top above, British newspaper News of the World wondered if William's fiancee went bra-lass, headlining a front-page article with: "Did Kate Boob?"

It's a pressing question, one answered by Royal Watcher Katie Nicholl, who told Us Weekly: "Kate doesn't have a stylist, so she is making her own fashion decisions at the moment. The outfit could be considered racy, but it was also beautiful and elegant."

Do you agree? Or did Middleton cross a line?


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Kate doesn't have a cleavage - what are you talking about. She is very beautiful, but a bit old.


Your right RB! Diana did try and she was everything everyone wanted except she never impressed the Queen and they had her killed, IMO. They never liked her from the start so that was never going to get any better, even when she produced two boys for them. Nothing was ever going to be good enough for them. This is no exception. Their are rules to obey and this is one of them. It will be a very thin line of what is appropriate and what is not for her from now on.


SO WHAt! it's OK to show some cleavage


Who gives a flip. She's showing she has real courage. I hope hers doesn't flag under the royal pressure like Diana and Fergie's did. They tried to change the monarchy to something real people could get close to, and royalty and press royally stomped them.


I love dressing sexy, that dress I would wear to a stuffy dinner party, but that dress is too revealing for royalty.


She and everyone else will have to get use to the public scrutinizing her and her every move. No I do not think this dress was inappropriate but to the Royal Family it might.


That dress looks great- its both sexy & conservative. She's young & in great shape, there is absolutely nothing wrong w/ dressing your age! Is she supposed to wear those weird-ass square suits?


gave a break what booby that dress show nothing i have more open dresses w/ the style, and she matrial in middle, and cross line about not a bra...hello in these days they're stick on ones w/ some support for the straps etc... won't show...


What era are we in? The royal family needs to move with the times!!! Good for her!


No, this is Kate re-using her clothes again. I believe that it's the same dress that she wore to Prince William's cousin's, Peter Phillips, wedding. I think it's great that she's not afraid to wear the same dress more than once. Way to go, Kate! =-)