Kate Gosselin, Tired Kids Go Down Under

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Despite Jon's bid to stop her, Kate Gosselin and her eight kids arrived at Brisbane Airport in Australia, Tuesday. The kids? Absolutely thrilled!!!!


Fresh off their trip to Alaska, the 35-year-old dragged the brood thousands and thousands of miles away from home again for Kate Plus 8 ...

Kate Goes Down

MISGUIDED PRIORITIES: So many behavioral issues, so little time to work on them when there are continual global trips to plan. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

As she continues living the privileged life of a diva, Kate was recently quoted as saying that her New Year's resolution is to find a new man.

Hopefully that poor soul makes her pull the plug on this nonsense.


When do these poor children go to school? i haven't heard anything of a teacher being with them! She also held them back a year so they could have an extra year of un-interupted taping of the show! she's worth millions, but she still torments these children by dragging them in front of the public.


kate you are the best at what you do dont listen to the idiots out there


Brad Pitt and Jolie are actors and take turns looking after their kids while the other works.
I haven't seen them making money of their kids.


@Reed, I can see your point, but Brad Pitt and Angelina have yet to make a reality show exploiting the number of kids they have.


Shyla, I don't think you have 5 nannies taking care of your kids which Kate had at times. Plus she has a cook, a cleaning crew, a gardener and a pool guy.
You probably have a harder job with 3 than Kate Gosselin with 8


@d-bo419, yes I can take a guess as to why they are doing this during a school term. For the money.


@Shyla, I agree but do you have a camera crew and t.v. station supporting you? She has 8 kids yet I am sure she's got plenty of help with them as well as lots of money to do it. That makes a big difference.


Kate always looks so worn out and her face has aged very much lately. Anyway, it is her life and her kids so if she wants to do all of this then that is her right. I don't agree with her lifestyle but it's not my place to judge. If she is truly doing all of this with the best intentions for her kids then that is ok. If she's doing it to line her bank accounts and live a wealthy life then that's low.I think that kids subjected to being on t.v. and being dragged here and there, plus divorcing parents, etc. is NOT healthy by any means and all I can hope for is that they grow up not too damaged by all of this.


i think shes doin very well...i have 3 kids ages 3,4,&5..im a single mom as well its hard i cldnt imagine 8..oooo wow


Oh ...Kids are sooo nice...

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