Jenelle Evans, Teen Mom 2 Star, Charged With Drug Possession, Breaking and Entering

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Looks like trouble for this Teen Mom, too.

Jenelle Evans was charged with breaking and entering and drug possession after she and boyfriend Kieffer Delp broke into a vacant property this fall.

Local officers discovered the troubled Oak Island, N.C., twosome in possession of half an ounce of marijuana and a pipe at the time of the break-in.

JENELLE AND JACE: Poor kid. Poor. Kid.

Police arrived at the house and announced their presence - but nobody came to the door for 10 minutes. They then found one of the back doors ajar.

They entered the residence and found Jenelle Evans in the back bedroom with the lights off. Delp had peaced out but was caught near the property.

He admitted to owning the marijuana and paraphernalia upon his apprehension. The pair were arrested, held on $3,000 bail and later charged.

They are set to appear in court again on January 10 - a day before Jenelle's new show premieres on MTV on Tuesday - convenient for the ratings!

Former 16 and Pregnant star Jenelle will star alongside three other teen moms in the new series - Chelsea Houska, Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry.

All four appeared in the second season of 16 and Pregnant.

Jenelle signed over 'primary legal custody and primary physical custody' of her 16-month-old son, Jace, to her mother Barbara on June 10.

Here's the Teen Mom 2 trailer if you haven't seen it ...


I know that my parents would've been the exact same way to me if I'd had a child at 16....I'm 26 and I moved back home within the last two weeks (after being gone for 6 years on my own) I don't have any kids, don't go out and let me tell you. My mom and dad make my life a living HELL from sun up to sun down. I can say that parents treating their offspring like shit doesn't offer any motivation for the individuals to do better.


These people need help! The mother is a whackadoodle and Jenelle has issues. Neither one of these idiots should have this baby. The best thing Jenelle can do is have him put in foster care while she gets herself together. There is no shame in admitting you're in over your head. Finish school and take care of yourself before you try to make a home for this baby. Kieffer needs to take a hike too. Good riddance to bad rubbish!!


Here is a clue people, Barbara has Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Nothing Jenelle does will ever be good enough for her mother. And her mother constantly sets her up to fail. The whole scene when she freaked at Jace's bottle leaking on the couch. She immediately jumped to kicking them out. She was waiting for an excuse. You could see her orgasming in her Narcissistic Rage. And you can see the sick twisted GLEE on her evil bitch face when she f#cks with her daughter. She talks bad about Jenelle to Jace already and will continue to do so! She has no empathy. None. A big one of the nine traits of NPD. She is grandiose. Taking custody.


Jenelle is an awful mother first off. Yes her mother is crazy and criticizes the hell out if her but its obvious Jenelles on drugs!!!!!!! Anybody catch he NA keychain she has. Something tekks me she isn't practicing recovery. She is blatantly stoned on damn near very episode. I feel bad for her son he is the real victim is all this turmoil not her!!!!


K teens shouldn't have babies for a reason. there braina are not fully developed, and therefore they are usually unfit mothers. For the most part have attatchment issues with their children, hense the reason why they can leave them like it's nothing. its not necessarily that they are choosing to be neglectful or a deadbeat or whatever you wanna call it, its just that there brains are not developed


You people are funny.. Janell's Mom has some serious issues, and I can see how Janelle gets discouraged trying to even take care of Jace when her mother berates her every chance she gets. How can any of you think that Jace would be in a "safe loving" envirnonment with janelle's mother, you really think that when jace gets bigger she will treat him any different than she is treating janelle right now?. I am REALLY suprised that child protective services hasn't stepped in, that child shouldn't be with janelle's mother anymore than he should be with jannelle, at least janelle TRIED to go to school, her mother has SERIOUS control issues and she is verbally abusive to Janelle. Janelle shouldn't be living there either!


Jenelle's mom is a lunatic! It seems as though she is trying to deter Jenelle's success. The whole financial aid form saga was incomprehensible.


I doubt Jenelle looks like the best mom right now but is it just me or does anyone else notice all the screaming and name calling PLUS foul treatment that goes on in front of Jace? If Jenelles mom and boyfriend treat Jenelle like they do with the name calling and yelling in front of Jace and other people do you kids honestly think that Jenelles mom has the best environment to grow up in? Much less a good role model? Obviously people think its ok to grow up in a chaotic household that is CAUSED by adults. Obviously Jenelle did not grow up in the best household and wasn't given the best options in life but everyone makes life what they want it to be eventually. I believe she will find out who she is and will make it up to her child someday.


I had my son at 17 and my mother helped me out as much as she could. But no mother in her right mind would try and take custody away. It is so obvious that her mother is very controlling and just wants to control her daughter. I think her mother is completely in the wrong. I do not agree with what Jenelle is doing but her mother should support her and get her the help she needs. Jenelle will regret this latter on in life I think it is very sad that she gave her custody away.


Jenelle is a horrible mother!!! and does not deserve her son! All of you who think she deserves him are all stupid! she doesnt even care about him! if she did then she wouldnt be going out all night partying she'd be with her son!

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