Leah Messer Leads Teen Mom: The New Class!

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Like Saved By the Bell, MTV's Teen Mom is ready to debut its new class. Only with babies, and with knocked up teens instead of Zach Morris knock-offs.

With Leah Messer (pictured) and her ilk taking center stage, Us is all over it like ... Us on the original Teen Mom stars. Or The Hills cast prior to that.

The question? Can Leah & Co. captivate the masses like Amber Portwood, Farrah Abraham, Maci Bookout and the O.G. momz? Only time will tell ...

Teen Mom II!

TEEN MOMS TAKE TWO: Abusive exes! Families torn apart! Drama!

Without question, the reality show struck a chord with viewers and celebrity gossip readers alike. Does it glorify teen pregnancy, especially by casting a new group of pregnant youngsters who have presumably seen the first season by now?

Will you watch the new season? Talk to THG!

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leah don't act like me i am the real leah and this is fake though people stop acting like me i am sick and tired of it thats why i block my personal pg on fb it's agervatin and no ur not gettin my number pls don't ask like other people do thanks lots of love , leah dawn aliannah aleeaha


this is fake ,leah dawn


I totally agree! Dr. Lubricky should be sued for malpractice! How can you tell a mom that her daughter might have a serious disability so nonchalantly? I can tell if he was pissed that cameras were in his office, or maybe he's just seriously socially awkward. But whatever is wrong with him I'm glad the show revealed the truth about him: that he's a total asshole with no heart


Where did Dr Lubicky ( Leahs baby's dr) come from? He is such an idiot!! What did you come here for ? Dumb ludick asked ? He can't look at that baby and see?
Here in Los Angeles California a dr can't be like that, doctors need to act educated and not let a new mom leave with a deformed baby like that without some kind of educational guess .
Dr lubdicky should be shot! What an idiot!


yeah i would see teen mom 2. i like to see it because it reminds me when i got pregnant at the age of sixteen. if they would show this shows earlier i would off thought twice in having sex specially getting pregnant in a early age.


leah will top all she is kind hearted and really truely cares for her children i love her


well theyre not replacing them they will be back on in march


Um brittney, it's talking about how they're going to be on the new teen mom 2 show... We know they were on 16 and pregnant but as it says on the article, they're replacing Macy, Farrah, amber, and caytlynn.


u seen them on 16 an pregnant NOT teen mom.......


that's not new, I saw this group of girl on mtv latin america earlier this year, I already saw this reunio show, I think they film all the girls on the same time but they just separated into 2 differents groups, so maybe they on the time of filming didn`t know about the huge impact of the show and the media attention, just thinking...