Jenelle Evans: Teen Mom 2 Train Wreck!

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Jenelle Evans stars on Teen Mom 2 (watch the trailer here) this January. Typical for a cast member of the MTV show, she's had run-ins with the law.

More than a few, in fact.

Jenelle Evans' Boob Job

Her arrest two months ago for breaking and entering and marijuana possession was the latest in a series of crazy police reports involving Janelle.

Teen Mom 2 star Janelle Evans is the mother of 16 month old Jace.

She was arrested back in October of this year for breaking and entering, marijuana possession and paraphernalia possession. Not a good combo.

The Oak Island, N.C., native was busted breaking into someone else's place and was released on a $2,000 bond. She is expected in court January 10.

In October 2008, Jenelle was arrested for sneaking through a bedroom window to see her then-boyfriend and father of her baby, Andrew Lewis.

According to the police report, she “continued to refuse to leave even after her mother attempted to take her home.” Jenelle Evans was arrested.

Luckily for her, Andrew’s mom dropped the charges provided that "[Jenelle] must not come to house uninvited and leave at reasonable hour.”

In December 2007, Jenelle ran away from home and her mom, Barbara, freaked out and called the police after her daughter fled home on foot.

According to the report, Jenelle “became upset after she confronted her about being impaired” and she “did not know where Jenelle was going.”

She was found at then-boyfriend Andrew’s house.

Then, just one month ago, Jenelle was committed to Brunswick Community Hospital involuntarily after experiencing some sort of meltdown.

A report claims after an examination “she was found not to be a threat to herself or anyone else” and was released early the next morning.

As for Jace's dad, her ex-boyfriend, Andrew, dude was arrested in 2008 for committing a misdemeanor against her, for which he was convicted.

He also was arrested for a DUI in August 2009, which was the same month their son, Jace, was born. Never an encouraging sign.

Needless to say ... expect some drama this season.


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Wow i cant beleive this girl is on TV. SHes a trainwreck... Im shocked that this girl gets any air time. Shes a horrible mother shes more worried about her boyfriend and smoking pot than her kid.. SHes a disgrace and her mom should neva give that baby back.


Your a psycho, your crazy and you need to stay away from your kid and mom. Your mentally unstabled. Your mom is doing a good job.


Jenelle is total white trash. Obviously MTV shows the worst of grandmom Barbara, but she is doing the right thing. Jenelle needs to grow up, and become a bit more thankful for everything she has in life. She should have give up the baby for adoption, or gotten an abortion.


Hola soy de argentina me re gusta teen mom.yo no fui tan adolecente cuando fui madre tenia 19años y tube mi epoca de rebeldia como ella,va a pasar y se va a repentir es hasta q se de un golpe duro y priorice a su madre de ella barbara esta todo el tiempo diciendole su errores asi no la ayuda la pone peor,le deseo mucha suerte en su vida,y la unica forma q su vida cambie es q ella quiera cambiar de vida.muy lindo teen mom 2 esperemos ver teen mom3 pronto ya que aca en argentina ya termino.


It's a difficult situation for everyone... You can understand Barbara's frustration with Jenelle, as I am sure the last thing she planned on doing at her age is raising a baby and then it would seem to her that her daughter is not "stepping up to the plate" and that just causes more of a downward spiral. Then the other side of the argument... Jenelle is always looking for Barbara's approval, whether she knows it or not, and she is cut down all the time, which just makes the cycle worse because she "gives up" and does whatever she wants because she figures nothing is good enough. I think they need to learn to communicate and figure out how to break the cycle they current have going because it is destructive, especially so in Jace's case (noone wants a baby around that type of drama).


i think jannelle is a shocker and if she was my daughter pushing me around and yelling in my face while i was taking care of her child i would of done alot worst than her mum has done...i think grow up and foget about guys and worry about ur butiful son and yor mother the women that raised you...ul end up regreating it one day..i have 2 kids and im 21 iv been through dramas bt at the end of the day i dont let it affect my children they come first always..


I love Jenelle...theres even worst people out there that done worst to their own kids.


i think that janielle of teen mom 2 is the worst mother ever i was preg at 14 and now my baby is 14 mths and ive been told by so much people that im a natural mother and i just love it so much


you cannot blame janelles mother for her problems this girl is not a good mother and barbara is protecting jace from her daughters distructive behaviour janelle needs to step up and be there for her child rather than hanging out with guys and partying.barbara has at least been a good thing around jace and janelle does not even realise how much her mom does for her.

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