Irene Lopez: Dating Macaulay Culkin?!?

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Note to men seeking attractive girlfriends: don a towel, spread after-shave on your face and scream loudly.

The trick has apparently worked for Macaulay Culkin, who recently ended an eight-year relationship with Mila Kunis - and has seemingly started a new one with Spanish porn star Irene Lopez!

The two were spotted this week exiting a live sex club in Barcelona.

Irene Lopez Picture

"The last time I was with him, no one found out about it," Lopez told E! News, perhaps outing the acting as a cheater. "I don't know what happened this time that the newspaper heard about it."

What, exactly, went on at the sex show in Spain? Lopez would only say: "I don't want to cause him any harm. He's a good person."

Sounds to us like someone won't be home alone tonight! (Sorry.)


FACTS: 1) Irene Lopez is a butterface. 2) Matthew Walsh is a total Stan for Macaulay Culkin.


Wow what an ass check out the hate monger.If you do not give a rats ass as you claim why do you bother wasting you time posting about him?Do you have nothing better to do than spew vile hatred for someone you do not even know or care about? Get a life,lots of ppl. care about him he is an American Icon He is the highest grossing child star of all time the first to ever make a million dollars for one film and had grossed 8 million a piece on two separate films how the hell can you compare that Dustin Diamond.Hollywood did not turn there back on him he walked from it sir. you need to put the meth pipe down stop reading Mein Kampf and go hug a puppy.




I love Macaulay Culkin so much. He's my favorite actor. Unfortunately, he isn't what people want him to be so they write up stuff about him. He just needs to find a place of happiness. He's a great guy. He deserves a great girl. I hope someone out there can make him happy and be that one for him. Mila wasn't the one. He's really cute in The Good Son. It made over 60 million and Home Alone made way over a billion dollars. He's was such a cute kid. I been in love with him since I saw him play Henry. I wish him the best. Btw, Irene Lopez isn't very attractive. She looks just under average but Mila Kunis is a perfect 10.


you are my favorite artiste Pala


This is news??? No one gives a rats ass about Macaulay Culkin. People care as much about him as they do about Dustin Diamond (AKA:Screech)!!! Enjoy the venerial diseases you get as a present while vacationing in Barcelona, Macaulay.