Cover Your Ears: Spencer Pratt Sings AND Raps!

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Unfortunately for the music industry and society, Spencer Pratt's hip hop aspirations fizzled because of talent and financial limitations a little over a year ago.

Luckily for his 14 fans, the Great White Nope sings AND raps on a track leaked this morning. "I Get Doe" is an ode to foolz getting paid. And misspelling words.

The tune was recorded in mid-2009, and like the rap song we brought you Tuesday, "Ain't No Thang," it's beyond bad and must be heard to be believed.

"This is the second song I did after I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here, and we called it I Get Doe, which is slang for money," Spencer Pratt told Radar.

Pratt goes head-to-head with both his critics and the show that launched his "career," lambasting both with hard-hitting, racy lyrics like this opening bit:

"Spencer Pratt... b!tch. I bet you think because you saw me on the TV that you know my whole life story. Let me tell you something you might not know."

"F**k what you talkin' about, b*tch I get doe."



Omg! He is such an idiot! He has been an ass from his time on the hills n is just more so now. Gotta hand it to Heidi though. Stand by your man for richer or poorer. Crazy or insane!


What an idiot!! You think you can sing just like you think you plastic wife can sing right??!!


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