Camille Grammer: I Was Set Up!

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Fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills must wait until January 27 to hear Camille Grammer whine, bitch and moan about getting paid six figures to follow a script penned by Bravo writers.

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    Kyle - how may aliases have you used in the past several days on this blog to justify your inane, low class and uneducated middle school hysterics? Yes, you are proud of your daughter's graduation from college. You didn't say which college. I say middle school hysterics for you because we know that is where your formal education ended. Dummy.


    What I find absolutely hysterical about this "mouth kissing" crap that hag Kyle came up with is that TAYLOR AND MAURICIO KISSED ON THE LIPS IN ONE EPISODE!!!!!Kyle you dumb beotche!!!!!


    Camille...I really feel for her. No one knows what she went through in her marriage with that cross dressing beast wierdo Kelsey Grammar. Look at how viciously and outrageously he treated her with that bimbo who he impregnated while they were STILL MARRIED!!!. I believe that evil troll Kyle DID say those things about Kelsey to Camille. Camille has shown a soft, vulnerable side and I feel compassion for her AND Kim,who was also abused by this group of deranged over the hill little group of misguided, plastic surgery enhanced misfits!!!


    Truthfully, camille has been full of it from the beginning saying all of this stuff about Jesus and patting herself on the back about her good deeds. The bible says u r not supposed to talk about ur good deeds, just do them. However, camille and her two children do not deserve the treatment they have received from kelsey and he is the one who should be vilified for his despicable actions. Those poor children must be so confused and upset due to him. Camille needs to take every penney she is entitled to and raise her children in the best possible way without his disgusting influence and that of his paramour. Camille, hold ur head high and dont let him keep u down. In the end, you win!


    To toast to the British, what a classless person. Camille has shown so much grace. Maybe she acted a little inappropriate at times, but no one deserves to be treated like that. She is the mother of two little children. Shame on her husband. Camille at her age is better looker and more interesting than that british homewrecker.


    Camille, you're a twat - no more, no less
    Kyle and Kim - twats
    Taylor - ummmmmm, over-injected twat
    Lisa - kinda like you
    Adrienne - class act - rise above the dreck
    Cedric - come live wit me


    Not gonna lie...if I never heard another story about these people again, I could still die happy...just sayin


    by the way people, the men Camille kissed on the lips, kissed her too. So, what does that make them. Get a grip, it was a peck, no tongue so feeling each other up. Right up front, on the camera nothing to make anything about. To all the perfect women in the world who watch housewives , I'm not perfect. Can you really say deep down in you soul of souls you are??? Go, look in the mirror and if you can be honest with yourself before you throw up for lying. Good for you. all 2 of you.


    Camille, so many viewers have not gone through what you have. I think you have done a great job. Kelsey, is a piece of shit,anyway, you stayed with him through some real ugly stuff, I do not think, the majority of people who watch know Kelsey and his history from many, many years back. Look it up people and then make an opinion of Kelsey, he is and was a piece of shit. and then he breaks up with you on the phone, and watchers of the program, would you like your hubby to break up with you like that, especially when you have children. Kelsey, is disgusting and now starting another family. What a piece of work, good luck to you Camille, take him like Tiger Woods' wife did Tiger and move on to someone who has a heart. Good luck girl. Prayers


    Wow these people saying Camille is amazing blah blah blah. You're probably just as insane as she is. You really think kissing someone elses husband is appropriate in the slightest bit? You all need help.

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