Bristol Palin Speech Canceled Amid Washington University Student Protests

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Bristol Palin's sex life is a common topic of discussion on celebrity gossip websites. Washington University students don't want to hear about it, though.

At least not in person, for a hefty fee.

Bristol Palin: New Face

The Dancing With the Stars finalist was dropped from a planned February speaking engagement at the St. Louis college following student protests.

Bristol Palin, who got pregnant at 17, was invited by the Student Health Advisory Committee to talk abstinence during Student Sexual Responsibility Week.

But after the student body protested the use of student-generated money to fund her reportedly several thousand dollar fee, her appearance was called off.

"People are angry because of the opposition to Palin's lack of expertise and the high cost she charges," said student Philip Thomas, who started the protest.

Fellow undergrad Ryan McCombe started a Facebook page to protest the speech and gathered several harsh comments about the daughter of Sarah Palin.

"Bristol Palin rose to fame on none of her own merits," wrote one student. "She has absolutely zero credentials in this area, and costs a ton of money."

Added another, "I mean, is Bristol honestly going to get up there and say that she was trying to make a baby and lay back and thought of England?"

"Or will she say that she had sex, without understanding the steps to be taken in order not to become pregnant?" said another anti-Bristol student.

Student advisory president Scott Elman said that the decision for Palin not to appear was "100 percent mutual" between her and the committee.

Hey, at least her new boyfriend will be there to comfort her.


Bristol Palin like her Mother is as dumb as a stick. How can a young women who only finished High School assume she can education anyone on any thing...delusional thinking and ignorance at it's best. Palin need to enroll in a Community College and start educating herself.


ok all i gotta say is she makes herself look like shes being attacked but to be honest shes not. she got pregnant. ok people said what they gotta say but a cute child came from it. but to be honest y would any school want her to go give a speech on anything that has to do with sex. if she knew so much then that accident wouldnt have happened. not judging just saying. and also like people before said she has no degree. shes just a spoiled lil girl that is put out into the spotlight because of her parent and and child.nothing else. might as well just pass out condoms and show someone giving birth to those students cuz it would be more educational.


College students should know the difference between the words "hypothetical" and "hypocritical"... read the first comment.. this student doesn't. And the rest of the naysayers should be just a little more intelligent. How DO you know what someone is going to say before they say it.. by reading the media? Are you all so gullible? Bristol has had experiences from which she just might glean something useful to you all. You might actually learn something...


Dee and Bristol Palin are classic conservatives. Dee rants on and on about how stupid people are - then tells them they shouldn't go around "slamming" people they don't know. Bristol Palin was not abstinent, has a out-of-wedlock child, and now wants to charge high fees to tell others to be abstinent. How hypothetical. As are all the conservatives who post here claiming the students are stopping "free speech" when all they want to do is have a say in how THEIR funds (that come from student life fees) are spent. I guess that is the definition of "free speech" to a conservative; force people to pay to listen to some unqualified right wing gadfly speak.


good decision w.u.


Look Dee, this has nothing to do with politics so you can drop the liberal/democrat bashing. You totally missed the point here. Student money was going to be spent to pay a speaker,Bristol Palin, that the students themselves did not want to listen to because they did not believe she brought anything of value to the table. So they protested that expense. Good for them. Who cares what is going through Bristol Palins mind? She has no expertise in anything and charges a ton of money to speak about nothing. There is nothing wrong with students wanting their money spent on better things. Honestly, would you pay to hear her speak?


I am certainly happy that all of you are going to college, question is which one? Because most of you sound dumber than dumb. You need to spend your time studying and less time putting down a girl whom you do not even know who is trying to do something with her life. Maybe she has not gone to college yet, but give her time to get back on her feet. I wonder if you would talk like this if it was a democrat friend of your who had had a baby and had to work and save money before possibly starting college. All of you should be ashamed for jumping to conclusion, you have NO IDEA what is going through this girl's mind or what her plans are so LAY OFF! All of you little brat liberals are disgusting. Go back to the books until you can come up and act and speak like an adult without slamming people. You will never make it in the real working world if you continue down this road.


the best one I heard lately about college kids was this guy from the UK bragging about all his degrees. Then calling his parents backward and uneducated. Then the dum* a** said " oh I never watch the news, cause they lie" wow... thats really smart lock yourself away from information and he paid about 200k to come to that conclusion.


I am just so glad I got to experience everything in college. Abby Road, Abby Hoffman, Janis Joplin , Kurt Vonnegut, JD Salinger, Marxism, socializes, neo creationism. You poor kids its a wonder you can get out of our own garage without someone telling you how you feel about it. lol....


Washington U Students: When did our schools become the home to thugs who shut down what they do not agree with. Our schools today cannot offer enough diversity to truly create a person with something to offer to today’s society. Sad really ... Stop trying to control everything listen to others then make a polite civilized decision not to agree. Our schools need to open forms that allow free thinking. Today they appear to be run by thugs in designer clothing.


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