Antoine Dodson Reality Show: Coming Soon!

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Look out, rapists across the world. Antoine Dodson is coming to a television set near you!

The Chicago native, who rose to fame by excitedly/angrily warning an intruder that the police were coming for him (below), is filming a pilot for a reality show produced by E1 Entertainment.

The program lacks a title and is still being shopped around to networks, but footage already shot focuses on Dodson's move from Alabama to West Hollywood.

We just hope the Internet sensation keeps the same hairstyle he sported during an appearance on Lopez Tonight. Seriously, you've gotta watch this interview.

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@Cameron: Thought i was the only one up this early. Internet is addictive. I should be doing my homework. The "dumb cunt" you are referring to is Kali Hawk. She played a ghetto girl in Couples Retreat, and have some small roles with known cast. My cousin knows her. She is as down low slut, secretly sleeping her way around Hollywood. Comes off nice and sweet but will do anything to get ahead. She's been lurking around for a big money gig. So it's no surprise she wants to produce this. Claims she is 24 but more like 34 or older. Guess that is typical in Hollyweird. Don't know.


You can thank the dumb cunt who want's to produce this show. It's all about money. No one is really trying to help, just make themselves some money. If you want his family move to a better neighborhood raise money or use itunes from his popular video to pay for it. Now the Hollywood puppet Hawk wants to showcase ignorance. Come on, we are laughing at him not WITH him. So sad. She is another money hog. Hope it doesn't get picked up and these shows start getting cancelled. Only in the U.S.A.


Oh, man. Out of all the crappy reality shows that are on, FINALLY they come up with an idea for a decent one! Dodson is entertainment, unlike the Hodashian's and their inability to actually be amusing in any way (How the f**k can anyone watch their boring ass lives?) Dodson is one I would gladly pay to watch.


You really can make a reality show from anything now. Pathetic.


Yes, he's finally moving out of my town. Huntsville doesn't need fame from stuff like the bed intruder song.




omg are u kidding me? i thought his 15 minutes of fame was up a long time ago. Dont get me wrong though, he is a funny guy but i dont like how hes getting famous for doing an interview off his sister almost getting attack. Yeah he said some pretty funny stuff but come on, hes proof that anybody can get famous off of doing or saying anything these days.


@ Hilton Hater: Hilarious, you can make music out of just about any situation,here is proof positive.
There is an i-tune video version of the song on Auto-tune the news
called The Bedroom Intruder Song starring Antoine Dodson & Family!!