50 Cent Denies Dating Chelsea Handler

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Chelsea Handler may have Tweeted a photo of herself in bed with 50 Cent, but the two are definitely not a couple, according to the rapper-turned-actor.

When Access Hollywood's Maria Menounos asked 50 to set the dating rumor straight at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, he did just that.

Handler in Action

And he said the two are not involved romantically.

"No, you could've asked Chelsea," he said. "She made that visible for everyone."

Probed again by Maria, who mentioned the late night host and the rapper's closeness of late, Mr. Cent laughed and said, "We're just good friends."

So why has Chelsea been talking about the star so much lately? "'Cause we're friends," 50 said. "That would be a good reason to talk about me."

Makes sense. But where's the fun in that logic.


50 i know that is hard on you to tell us that you are inlove but we know that you are having a bedroom business together


Chelsea has learned the H-wood game from the best of them and she knows that floating this rumor keeps people interested in her. She jokes about hooking up with a black rapper all the time and 50 needs all the publicity he can get right now since his records aren't selling! Who really cares if they're together or not! She better be careful though - he put it on ole Vivica and she lost her damn mind!


What an idiot 50 cent is and allowed himself to be used by Handler for publicity.


Well....maybe theyre not going out but that picture is kinda of what ppl call racy or sumthing like that

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