50 Cent: Dating Chelsea Handler?!

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50 Cent was shot last night ... by a photographer, at a bar, with Chelsea Handler!

The couple were seen together, and by the way they got up close and personal, they gave some serious credibility to the dating rumors going around.

Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent were seen at the Blue Nile jazz bar in New Orleans, and were getting hot and heavy in that piece - not just friends!

Fifty Cent Pic

FIDDY AND CHELSEA: What do you think? Would 50 be good with the Handler? In a crazy world, this celebrity couple just might work. We can kinda see it!

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50 cent should b with me, not that slag!!


i lilke50 but he needs 2 b with a blackwoman. we r losin alot of blacks 2 dis dating out the race. i hope50 cums bk 2 earth an find him a black woman .our black women need us guys.


I think its nasty,there both stupid,shes a slut and wanna be black.


Jennifer lopez screwed up,Kim kardashian screwed and I quess it's time for Chelsea handler to mess up her career and reputation too.


Uh..."Kevin" when you posted your comment you referred to yourself as a woman...LOL...you forgot to change the name on the post. Looks like you're really a guy trying to say something negative in a sneaky way; so your post is not credible at all. I really think 50 and Chelsea have a lot in common because both are very bold and who knows I think they can work well together with those strong personalities. I think they could easily be the next power couple.


hmmm... guys bi real wats wrong with that 4sure thats part ov life if u think u cnt handle that then screw urself


Why do all the comments on here have to do with her being white and him being black??? Maybe, just for a moment has anyone considered they may have a connection or chemistry? Have things in common? This is a perfect example how racism is alive and well, still in this day and age. Grow up!


TO THG: Thanks for taking KK's comment out of here! That was some crazy comments!! I really appreciate it :)


In the slut-sport, she's graduated to the major leagues. She has always flaunted how sexually loose she is. Men, Women, fruit, electric toys..........who knows whos (or whats) next. I would not trust her around my dog. To all of her future fuck-buddies I would advise you bring over extra-thick condoms and anti-bacterial foam along with the flowers and candy.


fiddy obviously misses his mother, he has often sought out relationships with older wommen, I watched hit on Miss Banks on her show, and his off and on relationship with Miss Foxx proves he is not grounded with the age thing. Miss Handler has issues of her own.