Witness: Michael C. Hall "Fixated" on Butt of Julia Stiles

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Might real life be imitating art for Michael C. Hall and Julia Stiles?

Just days after the former announced his divorce from co-star Jennifer Carpenter, a source says he was spotted looking very cozy with Stiles, who recurred throughout season five on Dexter.

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Did the romance between Michael C. Hall and Julia Stiles spill over from the Dexter set to the actor's bedroom?

According to a Showbiz Spy witness, “Michael was checking out Julia’s butt" at a recent event. Moreover, “He was fixated... He seemed fine. You would never tell his marriage had just collapsed.”

Hall was married to actress Amy Spanger for five years until 2006 and got hitched to Carpenter on New Year's Eve in 2008. He battled cancer earlier this year and is now in remission.


that picture isnt of anyone on the show. at least the pic that loaded for me. looks like someone saw michael c hall once from the side and googled light blond haired men and used the first image lol


My best of wishes to all 3 of them. Life changes, people change, people grow apart and people come together. Just life, at least they seem to be grown up about it.


Yes, it also often happens when one of the spouses sleeps with a person that isn't his wife.


SO...is it that shocking that a MAN checked out a WOMAN'S butt?? Yikes BFD ppls!!
Remember when Obama was caught checking out the 16 yr Brazilian girl?? Now that was funny!!


The two had been separated for some time before she filed for divorce. I wouldn't expect him to feel all that shattered months later. This often happens with couples that go through traumatic endeavors together, such as Michael's battle with cancer

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