Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal: Holding Hands!

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They've been spotted around New York and Nashville. They've supposedly eaten ice cream together and definitely been on at least one coffee date.

But Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift haven't been photographed acting like a legitimate couple... until now!

While other tabloids this week settled for misleading stories (Robsten expecting a baby? Come on.), Us Weekly trumped them all with a photo of Jake and Taylor holding hands during a walk in Brooklyn over Thanksgiving weekend. Swiftenhaal is totally on!

This romance has been Swift, but are Taylor and Jake in it for the Gyllenhaal? [Photo: INF]

“It’s definitely serious," one friend says of this pairing, while another source adds: "She loves his family and he loves hers."

Pick up the issue above for more on this exciting, burgeoning relationship.

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She comes across to me as a very self centered person. Her comment about her folks (quote)" I am going to spend Thanksgiving where I want, the folks can wait. I see them all the time." That's true but it's a holiday and family is what its all about.


they look cute together!!


@tim i agree with you she is so stupid and i smell a hit song next year and thats all she knows to write songs about her life that is why she dates guys so she can write about it because she don't know what else to write and why do we go fucking gaga over her i don't understand i give it about 2 or 3 years later she will be in a trainwreck just watch and see if i was jake i would run before she starts writing a song about him but she all ready probley is doing it anyway.


@misscathy i just looked up and jake g don't have a kid thats his sister but i know that he will break her heart and i smell a hit song for next year


yeah, the age difference kinda bugs me..I have a 20 yr old daughter and she is dating a guy 7-8 yrs older than her and I'm not happy about it, he also has a kid which make it even worse..I think Jake is alot more experienced than Taylor and I'm afraid she just might get her heart broken if she's not careful..but then again, thats not proof they are actually a couple, and even if they are I guess its their business..whats gonna make things even harder on them is all the gossip mags running their crap and not leaving them alone


She is a grown up. She can date who ever she wants. No matter the age. Yes a 12 year old shouldn't get that idea from her. But when she asks her parents about that, the simple answer would be, "She is an adult, not a little girl." These stars that have little kids as their fans, can't live their life in hiding. They need to grow up at some point. If you can't teach your children about what is right and wrong then that if your problem. Don't go blaming it on the young stars.


God.....is all this stupid bitch do is just date dudes and write songs about them????? fuck i hate taylor......not only is she EVERYWHERE you look her songs fucking suck. Guranteed next album will be a precious melody for poor jake. Taylors a fucking loser and sings like shit


The article says "They've supposedly eaten ice cream together..." (which officially makes them a couple). Is that the same as having sex? If they are really dating, we should spot them at a Family Planning getting a full panel of STD and HIV tests. Any normal couple would require that from each other, straight or gay. He has been around with other people a lot more than she has. And she may not want to get what he has or vis-versa.


PALEEZ!! For someone to say that a 10 year age difference is not "normal" is completely WRONG and insulting!! AS AN ADULT--- If you find someone your attracted to and they turn out to be 10+ yrs older do you tell them sorry, your out of my age limit?!?! Love is not based on age...Taylor Swift is not a teenager anymore, she is 20...


Jake is hot....but after hearing Taylor say that she used to give BAD advice to her friends about their boyfriends, and she thought that was funny? I kind of lost any respect I had for her. She thought that was sooo funny. Imagine thinking she was YOUR friend and she went out of her way to give you bad advice so that she could be laughing behind your back. Never thought she'd be that kind of girl. Jake deserves better!!

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