Sarah Palin's Alaska: Coming to DVD!

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Some shows make you want to relive the magic again and again.

In other news, the first season of TLC’s Sarah Palin's Alaska will soon be available on DVD. For a mere $19.98, this two-disc set can be yours April 5.

The DVD features all 387 minutes of Sarah camping with Kate Gosselin, bashing Michelle Obama and embarking on various hunting and fishing trips.

Pre-order yours now while THERE'S STILL TIME!!

For an additional $10, you can receive a bonus edition a month earlier. That version includes a third disc featuring documentaries about the 49th State.

Those do not involve our fave ex-governor, so there's really no point of course. What good is a documentary about Alaska without Willow Palin outtakes?


Give me a break. She is a joke.


Sarah Palin you are awesome we loved your show hope you have more. We want you to be our next President of the United States you will do an excellent job.We trust your judgement and we will know our children and grandchilden will be safe and secure in the years ahead.


$19.95? No kidding. $6.95 would be a better deal.


God Bless you and your family Sarah! may 2011 bring you more success. . . and irritate your obsessed detractors endlessly :)


Palin's a joke.


Mas Palin por favor


Look at how close in age the two babies are? Would it be a riot if Willow and Bristal were both prego at the same time and Sarah took Willow's baby as hers? She wanted to keep both a secret but that was impossible so she took one as her own and Bristal became a teen mom sensation all at the same time, WOW nice timing!!


Wow, this is good news. Gotta order at least 6 DVD's. Sarah Palin rocks!

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