Ronnie Magro Gets New Tattoo, Ups Douche Quotient

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Celebrating his birthday weekend in Vegas in style, Ronnie Magro from Jersey Shore spent some time under the (tattoo) gun and got some new ink.

Ronnie endured a six-hour session at Mario Barth's King Ink for his heaven and hell themed tattoo. Pretty much sums up his relationship with Sam.

Think about it. Long sessions of raw pain, heavenly bliss one minute and a living nightmare the next. He's tryin' to tell you something, Sammi Giancola ...

Ronnie Magro Shirtless
Ronnie Magro, New Tattoo
Ronnie and Sammi and Some Guys

He is the only reason the relationship was heaven and hell. Should be obvious for anyone who have watched the show. I think what he is telling with the tato is how it is to be his girlfriend. Mostly hell. A few minutes here and then he acts completely different and that will feel as heaven. Girls, stay away from this ugly monster.