Sammi Giancola is Beyond Pathetic, Still Dating Ronnie Ortiz-Magro

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Despite Ronnie Ortiz-Magro being the worst boyfriend in human history, Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola simply cannot let the Jersey Shore meathead go.

She's said "I'm DONE" so many times it's become a favorite drinking game of ours, but clearly isn't really. It's like he's trying to get dumped and can't.

Jersey Shore Cast in the House

He's not even sorry for creepin' all over South Beach in Season Two and blatantly hooking up with so many girls behind his on-and-off girlfriend's back.

BACK ON: At least until close of business today.

"I regret getting caught," he said on MTV's after-show. "I don't regret having a good time. I regret getting into bed with Sammi after I got home."

"That was my downside."

Giancola says Ron was "sickening" and "disgusting," but didn't want to believe it when JWoww and Snooki slipped her a note detailing his wild ways.

She said she was so "blind" to his behavior because she felt alone; he was the person she felt most "comfortable with" and didn't want to lose that.

"I feel embarrassed now," she said.

Not too embarrassed to take his cheating ass back, though! Now back on with Giancola for the 93rd time, Ronnie insisted his wild days are over.

"I've learned a lot watching the show," he said. "I have something good. I have an amazing girl, and she doesn't deserve to be treated that way."

Sammi Giancola said she believes him. What an idiot.

"I think he is really trying to show me the good instead of the bad," said the most pathetic person ever. "That's what I hold on to all the time."

As for her physical fight with JWoww last night? "I felt they were backstabbing me," recalls Giancola. "For my first fight, I thought I did OK."

Except for fighting your friend who told you the truth instead of the cheating a$$hole himself, sure, you did OK Sam. Congratulations, moron.


"THIS IS MY BET ACCOMPLISHMENT, TO BEAT UP JENNY. BEST ACCOMPLISHMENT...SHE'S A LITTLE BITCH." No Sammi, you didn't beat her up. You told her to tell you if she knew anything. She told you, and you punch her. Sammi is just jealous of JWoww's looks.


Sammi could not be anymore pathetic&as for Ron,no need to say he wont be getting boyfriend of the year award but what more can you need to prove to yourself the dude is scum&really be DONE with it talk about being desperate..


I love Sam & Robbi. it wouldnt be the same without there relationship., No ones perfect. a relationship unhealthy or not has its ups and downs. Love is a weird thing. it makes you do & say crazy things but at the end of the day you relize that you cannot live without that other half no matter what was said & done. ronni surely loves samm & i believe sam loves ronni. they just need to both change and change how they handle certain situations! i really hope they do stay together! love is LOVE. & if you have never been in love then you dont understand there realationship!!! so GO ronni & sam! :)


OMG im so so so so so so SICK of SAMMI,some of my favourite hateful moments; season 1- when ronnie was getting in that punch up and he pushed her (YES I AGREE WRONG WRONG WRONG) BUT, it wasnt that bad and she's crying going 'You've traumatized me' what a dumb bitch. season 2- The letter and taking Ronnie back, do i need to say more? Apart from duuuuumb biatch. Season 3- i am yet to watch. Basically i think sammi is not used to not having what she wants and has always had guys fall at their feet, when ronnie or the others shun her she cries and goes in a fetal position like the dumbass she is. Sorry SAmmi, your pretty but if you didnt have your looks youd be fuckin screwed. PLease i have faith in you season 3 dont be a retard PLEASEE !!


Sammi (omg) she is so dumb like really sam get over ron get a life stop being a crybaby. Andd no you didnt beat up j wow plzzzz bitch!!


Sammi's a slutty-ass whore!
The bitch got played over and over and over and over. She want's the truth & she get's it but is to stupid to accept it. The girl is boring ugly pathetic and really beleives she won the fight with jenny.HELL NO!! Everyone knows jenny could go toe to toe with her and knock her bitchass out .


Sammi defines the meaning of naive & thick headed. Not even a letter from her TWO BEST MATES in the house could make her realize Ronnie's faults. If you look at this technically, they weren't even official then but still, that doesn't give Ronnie the privilege to creep. He should of known better. Sammi needs to get over what Ronnie had done to her in the past. She brought this on to herself. She was too damn naive to see the realistic side of things. Ohwell, she gets no sympathy from me. That's what you get & you've got no one else to blame but yourself bitch.


I love sammi.. i think shes cool but ronnie is an ass and does not know how to treat a lady.. she deserves better now that ive seen how ronnie really is.


You all need to get a life. You do not know the girl and you are passing judgement. She is a product of the environment that she was raised. What you see is what you get with Sammie. Cursing and calling the girl name is so elementary and immature. We all are diffent and handle situations differently. Grow up people and if you all have children I hope you all are not teaching them this type of behaviour you all are displaying.


The last episode I saw, I noticed that Ronnie got insecure when Sammi started playing nice and trying to make things better for her relationship and the house. He might not know it but he does like her pathetic. He even said "I can bring you back down" something like that and he kept on trying to start a fight. He is so emotional, he is a girl! They are both Horrible and need to grow up!!

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