Rielle Hunter Affair Devastated Elizabeth Edwards

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Rielle Hunter.

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    what comes around goes around...this woman is heartless...Elizabeth was dying and this woman and john Edwards couldve cared less.one day they will both get paid back.two pieces of garbage.I hope Mrs.Edwards is resting in piece.she was a classy woman and him...he deserves whatever he get


    Rielle what you did to Elizabeth is so unexceptable. KARMA will haunt you the rest of your life, you will never live it down. You might as well go out there and waller with the rest of the whores and slutes. You would fuck a snake for money.You can't hurt Elizabeth any more, but you have that to live with the rest of your life!!!! I hope Quinn dumps you when she grows up because you are a poor excuse for a mother.


    And so a year later 20/20 runs a clip and gets us all thinking about the devastation Edwards and his whore caused his family. If the above poster really thinks that Edwards children are going to be thrilled to have a "family" with that blonde bitch as a mother figure and be happy about it, you're living in a dream world. Or obviously a world where you yourself came into someone's marriage and decided that you were so above it all that you could judge someone's marriage as not working to the point where you could sleep with the woman's husband.

    Those two killed everyone around them. Edwards made promises and destroyed any trust or confidence the nation had in him. All for what? Sex with an ugly blonde, dyed blonde no doubt. They both deserve the karma bus.


    Walking in the pernsece of giants here. Cool thinking all around!


    john edwards and reille hunter, should both go to hell........that is all I have to say about it. heppy


    john edwards and reille hunter, should both go to hell........that is all I have to say about it.



    It is shameful the pain this tow immoral characters would put Elizabeth through after her devotion to him for 33 years. Even in her time of sickness she put his campaign ahead of her sickness. I do not have breast cancer but having gone though what she went through there is no doubt that the actions of those 2 inconsiderate people hasten her death. her children should have absolutely nothing to do with him, her or her child. Joh Edwards makes Bill Clinton look like an angel. Whatever goes around must come around, whatever goes up must come down. john and reil will reap what they sow.


    John Edwards didn't care what harm and hurt he brought to Elizabeth and it's obvious that he does'nt care about his children either. To allow them to be exposed to his mistress so soon after their Mother's death and let them be told to call his mistress mommy,no thought what this was doing to this children mentally and phycially. What A Dog and mistress not fit to raise this children.


    It should have been Rielle that died of cancer.


    I can't but feel admiration for this woman that put her children above herself.Everyone else seems to fall short. Those that take their happiness above all else deserve the life they earned. Their lives being touched by someone like Elizabeth leaves them blessed but I doubt they can understand that.

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