John Edwards Admits Past Affair with Rielle Hunter; Denies Love Child is His

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Former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards has admitted having an affair with Rielle Hunter even as his wife battled cancer.

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    John Edwards is an ASS for a person like him to cheat on his dying wife who has stood by him thru thick and thin and now all this she has to go thru. pay backs are hell what goes around comes around and hopfully he will get a taste of his own. and she his mistress what a tramp.


    John Edwards cheating on his sick wife. That's low. Glad he won't be our President. John McCain cheating on his sick wife. That is just as low. I hope he won't be our President. Let us see if McCain will be held to the same standard. So far it doesn't seem so.


    In general Republicans seem to be richer than republicans so they are able to pay off the women and anyone that comes close to revealing that misdeed.

    Republicans are also uglier, older and faker than Democrats so why would any woman in her right mind ever admit to having an affair with one.

    Imagine sneaking around with either of the Bushes or long-toothed Regan. It just ain't going to happen. And John McCain, please... no thanks.


    Cheating on a spouse who has cancer and needs your support and love more then ever during that time? Wow..that is very low. She needed you to be her husband, to be by her side, and you betrayed her and your children just so you could stick it in someone else. There isn't even a word for people like you to express how dispicable that is.


    John Edwards! You are a lousy husband, a failure for a father and a sorry excuse for man. YOU! Have proven to your children that you care nothing for their mother. YOU! Have proven to your WIFE that you care nothing for her! You have proven to everybody else that you lack sound judgement. Please take some advice from an old man, don't ever do this again, EVER! Also, YOU! MUST! Man up if you are the father of Hunter's child and keep your vows to your wife, if she will have you! I have lived a long life and your words are hollow. I want to be proud of you again so get busy. Dave Laughoman


    I read Serendipity's comment and chuckled becasue it tickled me...These two fools should go on the Mauri Povich show and test away. Edwards should also get tested for HIV seeing how she (Hunter) is so free with her affections...Wonder if Edwards/Hunter are thinking this was all worth it now...I hope they both do us all a favor and hide under a rock somewhere....


    So, he only comes clean because he gets caught (but not totally clean) -- who are these people? He speaks about "morality" on these "webisodes" she produced which anyone could have filmed with a cell phone (that's worth $114,000?)?? Playing the public for stupid is what he did -- this Hunter woman is no better -- knowing his wife is ill -- of course he can deny the baby is his since there's no name on the birth certificate and she won't do a paternity test, no need to -- that was pre-planned like the cover up "supposed father" who is taking the fall for Edwards while he funnels money through some Texas lawyer for child support! Shame, shame -- I hope they both get what they deserve -- too bad there's an innocent child born out of this mess. Edwards is finished -- what an immoral creep. Put him in the category with the rest of them. I feel for his wife and family.


    Edwards is simply a MORON. So disgusting.


    Ooh, yes he is soooo sorry!
    And thats called a man????


    Unfortunately, we are always surrrounded by liers. I hope he never tries to be a candidate again.

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