Rex Ryan's Wife Michelle: Foot Fetish Video Star?

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Foot fetish videos on YouTube starring a woman who sure looks like the wife of New York Jets coach Rex Ryan are causing a stir in the Big Apple and beyond.

Sports blog Deadspin was the first to note the odd similarities between Michelle Ryan and the foot fetish videos, which are fairly vanilla but still very weird.

It's unclear if the woman in the videos is Michelle Ryan, but this was the Jets' official response: “This is a personal matter and Rex will have no comment.”

Michelle Ryan Foot Fetish?

WELL-HEELED: Is Rex Ryan's wife Michelle a foot fetishist? Debatable. Is that a great/awful front page headline by the New York Daily News? Absolutely.

So basically, it's her. Right? If that’s not Michelle Ryan, the response would be “that’s not Michelle Ryan in the videos.” Rex would be irate or laughing it off.

Of course, whether Rex Ryan's wife gets freaky with her feet has zero bearing on the Jets or his ability to coach. But the lack of judgment would be incredible.

One of the videos contains a male voice that sounds as much like Rex Ryan as the infamous Brett Favre voice message to Jenn Sterger sounds like Brett. 

How would they think no one would notice? Did they not care? Watch one of the (sort of NSFW) foot fetish videos by Michelle Ryan or her doppelganger here:

All we can say definitively are two things:

  1. We feel strange, and somewhat dirty after sitting through that.
  2. The signs at the Jets-Bears game Sunday are going to be great.

Here's Rex Ryan's official response:


    Good for Rex! His wife is beautiful, and so are her feet! They're doing nothing wrong.


    Hey Britney, you're a dumb ill informed writer...foot fetishism is by far the most popular choice of a turn on to males aside from the big three: face, ass, tits. Join the club or piss off cause its events like this that help the foot fetishists gain confidence in sharing their secret desire for feet.


    Its "Toe Time"


    Rb Redmond - I thought the same thing but I bet there are videos where she does just that, and this is probably just one they can get away with showing here


    One has to stretch their imagination to a LARGE degree to consider someone sitting stretching their bare feet a foot fetish video. In foot fetish videos, they're usually sticking their feet and toes into erogenous zones, not out into thin air. pfffttt


    They shouldn't be meddling in this man life because foot fetish is natural and the feelings are beautiful. Many men are attracted to women with pretty feet.


    come on. we're all fetishists. some of us just elect to be more reserved in public, and not make videos of our turn-ons on Youtube. by the way that video? hottest EVER (lol)