THG Presents: The Year in Absurd Tabloid Covers!

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Celebrity gossip can be sensationalist and seedy without being absurd.

Many Tiger Woods-related covers were, at least in part, based upon shocking fact and fueled by the scandal itself, rather than trying to start a scandal.

For a tabloid to be truly absurd in THG's eyes, it must be old news, not news, intentionally misleading, libelous, untrue or some combination thereof.

Jason Trawick-Britney Spears FIGHT!

READ ALL ABOUT IT: A shocking Britney Spears story may land Star in a heap of trouble, while tearing Angelina Jolie to shreds is standard, anonymous fare.

Some of these will never be rivaled. Others will likely be repeated by the end of January. Some are unintentionally funny, others just plain slander.

Here's a look at some of the year's most ridiculous tabloid covers ...

Jen's a Mom!
Jake is a Monster
The Gosselin Kids Strike Back
Breaking Ashton News!
Baby Time!
Married Gaga?
Kate in Crisis!
A Baby for Kim!
Spears Double Wedding!
Baby Brother For Suri!
Caught Kissing!
OMG! Stabbed in the Heart!
Fight For the Kids
Jen Back With John!
Diet Experts
Jessica Betrayed!
Raging at Shiloh!
Katie Leaves Tom!
Amber Pregnant Again?