Octomom Offered Gig as Vivid VIP Party Hostess

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Vivid Entertainment really wants to tap Nadya Suleman.

Not sexually ... goodness no. Although they have made such overtures in the past. This time, however, porn kingpin Steven Hirsch just wants her as a hostess.

The company wants the mother of 14 at the AVN Awards in Las Vegas next month, offering her a job as co-host of their parties during the weekend festivities.

Broke Ass Octomom

WHICH WAY TO THE MONEY? No word on how much Octo would be paid.

Hirsch previously offered Nadya Suleman $1 million to get naked on video to fight her financial troubles. They tried again for $500K as a production assistant.

Nads turned them down. She has her principles, after all. But might she consider it this time around? Things are getting more and more desperate for her.

She has until January 1 to fork over $450,000 in balloon payments on her house or else the guy who holds the note is going to kick her brood to the curb.


You gotta be kidding, who would want to hit that? Or look at it? She looks like a used up street junkie only a desperate freak would touch. Vivid must want to try and convince her to eventually do porn for the freaks and pervs out there by dangling some hostess job. She is one UGLY mother! Not even worth twenty bucks. Heck, not worth going near even if ya paid some of us!


Yuck! if her lips on her face are that big imagine her other lips! and if she has to cut her eye lashes imagine the HUGE bush on this arab? we all know it is all fake just like her. She is a bad mom and has been sucking the state of CA dry for over 13 years! I can't wait until she gets what is due to her. her kids hate her, the world hates her, and that god awful voice...that would make any guys stick go limp! Hey octopussy time to head back down to the docs office for more botox I don't think your forhead is BIG enough!


Pretty sad of a Porn Company to want to have anything to do with this woman who does not have, nor want to, nor even enjoy sex in any way, shape or form. How sexy is that Vivd??? NOT VERY


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