Lindsay Lohan Accuser Pulls a Complete 180

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The fired Betty Ford staff member who accused Lindsay Lohan of battery in a recent altercation now says she will drop her criminal complaint.

Not only that, Dawn Holland's attorney says she will not even cooperate with the authorities in any inquiry into the troubled starlet's behavior.

Cannes Babe

She says Lindsay should absolutely not be prosecuted.

That top has to be a violation of some kind, however.

Holland, who was fired after revealing potentially confidential info to TMZ, had said initially that Lindsay's attack put her on worker's comp.

Holland's lawyer, Keith Davidson, says she won't press charges, "nor will she be assisting any further in the investigation or prosecution."

Asked how his client would respond if she's subpoenaed, Davidson replied, "She won't." Basically, no witness equals no case against LiLo.

Both recovering addicts, Dawn says she and Lindsay share a bond, and regardless of whether she was clean that night, wants to move on.

Davidson says Dawn does not want "in any way shape or form to do anything that would violated Lindsay's probation or cause an arrest."

"A crime has quite simply not been committed by Ms. Lohan."


That's pure w/trash right there.

Tanika kiedis

Lindsay said it herself, she has no money,betty ford paid her out cos they ain't doing their job and don't wanna be found out about it


Gee, what a surprise. Like this is really going to help Lindsay. Come on, the girl really needs help & now they buy off the victim.


It's funny how "guilty" people or a business (either Lindsay or BFC) will pay the victimized person to have a bout of amnesia. Thank goodness for karma and the law of return.


Yea... but you know Dina is not done with this. Providing an internal document to the press will cost BFC dearly. Anybody want to place a wager?


Well, it's obvious someone has mysteriously come into a large sum of ca$h.


Crawfishin' bitch.


I'd bet Lindsay bought this one off pretty cheap!


Money does talk, doesnt it. In this case it told her to *SHUT UP*.


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