Justin Bieber Dons Fake Mustache

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We've known for years that Justin Bieber was talented.

We found out this week that Justin Bieber was also super intelligent, as evidenced by his ability to solve a Rubik's Cube in 90 seconds.

Now, it's been confirmed that Justin Bieber is also hilarious. The 16-year old drew on a mustache during a night out in London this week. Why? Heck... why not?!?

With a Fake Mustache

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

What do you think of the Biebs with a mustache?


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He is so cute i love you j.b


Lol, Justin Is So Silly!


U look wow i lv u bieber and u sexy u make m horny wth does mastaches.lv u


U look soooooo odd jb dont ever do that even though ur trying 2 make fun dont. U look ewh.


holly cock!!!, he looks like Vincent-fucking-Price!!


This boy barely has facial hair


dwarf ya sorted live this rudolf valentino look if you need to ( looks ok acyually ) but damn boy you are buggered !!! talk to Cassidy while you have a chance my little ( very ) Canadian while you have a chance....55


WooooW jb iloveJb


.....??....... they put the DUMBEST shit on here, im out.


U look weird but I just traveld that same place that u r weird I'm not a fan of your m stach dorky