David Arquette Claims Sanity

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David Arquette has found it. Or, to be more accurate, David Arquette claims he never lost it.

A day after appearing on Howard Stern's radio show and answering in the affirmative to whether or not he's suffering a nervous breakdown, the actor has Tweeted a clarification to the 12 people who care about his mental status.

"It is being reported that I'm having a Nervous Breakdown. I assure you am not. This stemmed from a joke I made."

D. Arquette

What about other admissions made by Arquette this week, that he's "been drinking a lot" and would like to father a child with Drew Barrymore? Courteney Cox's ex Tweets:

"I always speak my mind and I really don't care what people that don't know me may say. I'm a good person with a huge heart. I thank those that have been on my side during this rough time."

He should also be thanking Cox for kicking him out. When was the last time David Arquette made this much news?!?


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