Ian Somerhalder Shares Pizza, Address with Jimmy Kimmel

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You've really gotta love Ian Somerhalder.

And not just for his smile, or body, or snarky one-liners on The Vampire Diaries.

This actor simply comes across laid back and humorous (not to mention charitable). Most recent case in point: Somerhalder appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and accidentally revealed where he lives in Los Angeles. He also made some pizza for the host, as seen here...

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The video is damn amazing & I wish that i could even 've been on d show 2 watch Ian live. I so wanna meet him...


dat was so sweet and i loved his weird laugh...hvnt heard dat b4..♥


awww y is it censored out? haha i cant go there anyway. i am starting to like him more n more