Ian Somerhalder on Gulf Oil Spill: It's Time to Change

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On The Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder play Damon Salvatore, an often-scary blood sucker.

But in real life, the actor isn't frightened by garlic or stakes to the heart - he's simply taken aback by the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf.

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A native of Louisiana, Somerhalder was front and center at the CNN telethon that raised $1.8 million this week. He's also devoted the last few weeks to doing all he can to call attention to this region and this catastrophe.

"You know when something bad happens in your life, or something goes wrong - that weird kind of really uneasy feeling you have in the pit of your stomach? I've had that for two months," he told Zap2It, adding:

"Basically, the entire area is shut down. Everyone from the waitress who serves you breakfast to the guy who owns the charter boat to the shrimpers - they all literally rely on the ocean to keep their industry going... Think about how frightening it is when you suddenly, though no fault of your own, can't feed your children or pay your mortgage."

Somerhalder is especially outraged over how and why this accident took place.

"All of this happened due to human error - the error is cutting corners, saving money at the expense of safety measures, and a nonexistent regulatory commission," he said. "The [U.S. Minerals Management Service] gets royalties from the oil industry. How is that any kind of regulatory body?"

It's a question the admistration most definitely has to answer, as many believe this is the time to enact a serious climate change bill and convince America that government can - nay, must! - play an important role in the free market.

Concluded Ian, who we greatly admire for putting himself out there in this manner:

"It's time to change, and I think this disaster is the game changer. It feels like this is one of those catastrophic events that truly changes the way that we think."


Well said, Anna h. Ian was helping out with the Gulf Oil Spill way before he ever started getting any publicity for it (unlike some other celebrities). And considering he's actually from the area where the oil spilled in Louisiana, he's definitely not doing it for publicity purposes. He actually DOES care and if people bothered to check his Twitter once in a while, they'd see the many causes he's always involved in. He's a brilliant actor and obviously very gorgeous, but he's also incredibly intelligent and well spoken. He knows what he's talking about and way more than just a pretty face.


I agree completely. This man is more than just a pretty face, he really does care for the environment and is one of my favourite actors. I am truly dedicated to him. His care for situations like these is award worthy. He is more than you expect.


@aaaa: that's completely inaccurate. He's not that way at all, he's a brilliant actor and a decent person. He practically initiated that telethon to help raise money for the people suffering on the gulf coast. You didn't see any other celebrities step up like that, did you? Sure they'll all give money if some foreign country has an earth quake, but once trouble hits home, they're silent. Mr. Somerhalder seems sincere in his efforts; and do you even watch the Vampire Diaries? It's surpassed the majority of fantasy tween crap out now and is actually quite an entertaining and cleverly written show. Do some research before you go putting down something or someone you know next to nothing about, k?


He is so damn caring,sweet,sexy,smart... EVERYTHING. the perfect man right here :]


Somerhalder should think about getting into activism more. he's clearly well spoken and is not just a pretty face.


@aaaa: So well said. Care to share your opinion on this?


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