Gary Shirley: Victim or Amber Portwood Antagonist?

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Is rotund Teen Mom baby daddy Gary Shirley the target of Amber Portwood's insane rage, or does he play a big role in antagonizing her?

In a video obtained by TMZ, Shirley gets an earful from the accused felon, but the video raises serious questions about big daddy himself.

Shot in April, the clip shows Shirley on the phone with Amber Portwood, who goes off on him as usual. Strangely, he seems to revel in it.

Should we be pointing fingers at Gary as well?

Portwood pleaded not guilty to assault this week, but Gary may not be a sympathetic figure. He sure had fun with this particular, button-pushing diatribe.

While she was reportedly encouraged to fight Gary by MTV, cops say Amber claims it was not done for Teen Mom viewers' sake but was authentic anger.

Is Gary was really a "victim" of violence in all of this? Was he playing it up for the cameras, or just riling up his baby mama? This clip doesn't help his cause:

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just feel sorry for little be put in that enviorment shame on her parents


Yup he's a sorry ass. He acts like he does nothing wrong in front of the camera but with all the recorded calls tmz has he sure does talk a lot of shit about amber, trys to hookup with her cousin, talks about having more kids with his gf...geez he's ugly girls! Has nothing to offer! Lives with his mother! He's the life size eric cartmen!!!!


Didn't anyone else notice that he was physical with her first in that big scene that caused her charges? He called her names, threatened to take her child then slammed her into the wall with a door... and he slammed her hard. I honestly think he does play the victim for the camera. Whenever the show showed him with their child, his mother was caring for her and he was watching. I do feel bad for the child, because her parents have become part of pop culture for negative reasons. Leah has to grow up with that.


He bought her a $15 engagement ring from walmart.... Enough said.


I can't believe she makes 280,000 a year...pffft she has the money to get help


He is a lazy piece of crap! And he knows how to push her and I think he set her up, he knew she would blow up and he knew it would be on camera! She is at fault and has anger issues but he is NO BETTER!! I feel sorry for Leah! Amber needs to so be done with that fat DB!!!


Ok for one Amber always looks like she is on drugs, she neverlook like she wants to care for that precious child, Amber always put her in her crib so she can lay down... I have wached teen mom since it started and Gary is not perfect but he does care for his child, atleast ne never hit Amber, sometimes I wanted to reach thru the tv and punch her for the way she treats her daughter and the way she treats Gary...


Ok... i'll bite. What in the hell does ' wgar ' mean???


Tiffychild, i totally agree with ya.
Anyone on here can email me if you guys have any questions about Amber because i got Amber's email address but i am helping her right now. Email me at or Thanks


I would have to say they are both wrong but they are both also right. Gary does know how to push ambers buttons but amber knows also how to push garys. How amber talked and screamed at gary infront of her daughter was wrong totally wrong because now her daughter will obvi think it's okay to act that way, People you have to honestly see it like this. haveing a baby can be stressful and stressful in diffren't ways to diffren't people. Some people just can't handle it. Or like amber didn't mature enough to take care of her daughter. I think amber and gary are better off apart because they both get on eachothers nerves. But i do not think it is right for amber not to see her daughter or have custody. She is her mother and a daughter needs her mother. Maybe amber should obviously get anger management counciling but that doesn't mean take her child away from her.