Faye Resnick vs. Camille Grammer: Who Would You Rather...

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There's nothing like the exploitation of the OJ Simpson murder trial to increase ratings, is there?

On last night's The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Camille Grammer hosted a dinner party. By sheer, totally unscripted coincidence, a woman named Faye Resnick showed up.

A friend of Kyle Richards and a former gossip columnist, Resnick is best known for having penned "Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted." She posed for Playboy soon after this book came out, an appalling fact in Grammer's eyes.

Yes, Camille has appeared in that magazine on numerous occasions, but never when using a friend's death for publicity purposes.

  • Faye Resnick Picture
  • Camille Grammer in Vegas

We don't care much about the contrived argument between these two, which you can watch HERE. We just want to know: Who would you rather...


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Thanks so much Teresa. I cekhecd out your site and see that you are also a journaling woman. Good for you. Warm regards, Tina


I watched the dinner scene in the Housewives of Beverly Hills, and thought Faye Resnick was much more 'real'. Camille seems like a very cool, calculating woman to me. She enjoys using her status as Kelsey Grammer's wife to pit people against each other to stay in her celebrated circle.
She obviously thinks she's much better than everyone else. I don't know what, aside from some sex appeal, Kelsey Grammer ever saw in her...but I'm glad she's history. Guess her psychic friend (a horrible woman) didn't see that coming!


I remember Faye Resnick and not in a good way. Her negative, exploitive book about her "friend" Nicole Simpson was panned and widely critized. I agree with Camille that you don't exploit a friends murder for gain. The fact that Faye is Kyle Richards best friend says something about who Kyle really is -- Faye is a predator, and I think Kyle shares this quality. That's why Kyle has so easily out-fought Camille...And Kyle emotionally abuses her own sister... ugh, I just can't stand to watch that nasty, phony witch.


I think Faye has much more class than Camille.


I agree with Cami you don't use your friends death to obtain fame
Faye is a bottom feeder. Read the history wrote about lesbian affair after friend death that why playboy offered spread. was also a drug addict


EEEWWW what is this the G.I.L.F. contest??!!