Extortion Case Against Oksana Grigorieva Looking Thinner Than Expected

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Mel Gibson claims Oksana Grigorieva tried to extort him, and despite what a shady character she is, proving that claim is proving difficult.

The investigation of Gibson's accusations that his former flame and the mother of his daughter tried to extort him is weak, reports indicate.

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"It's looking more and more like no crime was committed by Ms. Grigorieva," a well placed source with knowledge of the situation says.

Is Oksana Grigorieva about to be let off the hook?

The troubled actor is being investigated for domestic violence against Oksana Grigorieva, a separate investigation also nearing its end.

Mel Gibson and his attorney, Blair Berk, met with officials to discuss what they believe was deliberate extortion on the part of Oksana.

But it looks like actual evidence is thinner than Lindsay Lohan.

"There is simply no smoking gun against Oksana," the source said. "There are emails which Gibson's camp say is clearly extortion."

But those emails can also be viewed in the context of an ongoing negotiation between Mel and Oksana regarding custody of Lucia.

That makes it tougher to prove extortion, the sources say.

Oksana was represented by a very well regarded lawyer, Eric George and walked away from the large settlement she tried to procure, said the well-placed source, noting complications in any potential criminal case against Oksana.

Extortion is always hard to prove, especially if the person being accused was already repped by a lawyer and in a custody dispute.

Unless you're the idiot who tried to bilk David Letterman and make it beyond obvious, it's very tough to make the charge stand up.

The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department hasn't officially handed over the extortion case to the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office.


'don't want to believe Mel is Evil, Ox innocent'? Well, when all evidence that has been published directly from the court, the sworn statments etc.the fact that MANY EXPERTS have found the tapes to be highly and professionally edited, the photos edited all point to Ox guilty and Mel innocent: yeah, we have a bit of a hard time seeing things the way YOU want to see them. geez.....


Most people in US just don't want to believe that Mel it is Evil and Grigorieva innocent. Mel go to jail!


This is more ROL pulp and is straight from Grigorieva's attorney Horowtiz. If you want to read a knockout article on how the Grigorieva media is setting Mel up, read Genna East on hubpages.


Everyone knows that ROL is pure pulp and distorts facts all the time. This article is a joke.


Were my comment?


You want us to believe that Extortion is always hard to prove. With Grigorieva case? IN THIS CASE NO EXTORTION AT ALL! Mel want us to believe in extortion case for covering his dirty ass. Grigorieva is innocent. Just nobody want to believe because she is Russian-American. Most people in US hate Russian and just don't want to believe that Mel it is Guilty. Mel go to jail!


You are want us to believe that Extortion is always hard to prove with Grigorieva case? IT IS NO EXTORTION IN HER CASE AT ALL. Just Gibson want to believe us here is extortion for cover his ass. Mel go to jail!


Anyone that believes the courts deal in truth is a fool. It's about winning or losing and prosecutors don't like to lose. They don't like to prosecute unless they think they can win. Her e-mails convinced me she extorted him along with the fact that she's not his wife and therefor doesn't have to give her anything othe than child support. So what could have made this man agree to give her money if didn't feel forced into it. In any case Oksana will pay in long run because no decent man, much less a wealthy man will want anything to do with her. No one wants to be audio taped and no one wants a freeloading deadbeat. She's stuck with men like that bodygaurd.


This story came from RadarOnline and the "well placed source" that spoke to ROL was probably Oksana's lawyer/PR guy, Horowitz. She has not been getting any good publicity lately.


The "source" must have been lying because Oksana has committed multiple felonies and there is evidence.
Radaronline (where you got your story from) is a laughable source of misinformation. They've been lying since this story first appeared in the media last summer.

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