Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Violated By Sarah Palin!

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who introduced Sarah Palin at political rallies back in 2008 and campaigned for the V.P. candidate, feels used and abused by her now.

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    What part of DUH don't you understand. Of course Sarah Palin is manipulating the media. And she is doing a GREAT job at it. It's payback time for the media manipulating us into Barack Obama.


    actually "give me a break" from what I see, whenever someone comes one that doesn't like either her or Palin (the recent time Tina Fey was there) she doesn't flat out show up at all, which is scary and lame lol. Besides, she used her kids as ways to escape criticism (see the "my kid is a combat vet and you can't take THAT away from me", or I have a down syndrome child) as if that's supposed to shield someone for life for what is at times, ACTUAL fair critism and not nasty jokes) or how she turned on her former mentor who was Mayor of Wasilla then ran against him. She isn't going rogue, she's showing her true colors.


    Yes! Yes! Yes! I can see the posters now... imagine a billboard that says "Sarah Palin 2012" the best thing to EVER happen to the Democratic Party!!! ~God bless America !!!

    John 8:32


    Elisabeth is in the very position that she put her own self in. Back in 2008.when she was traveling and speaking out for Sarah,you
    could see the far-away looks of Sarah,not even acknowledging Elisabeth as a supporter. It was Elisabeth with her proper talking behavior putting herself on display on behalf of Sarah. If Elisabeth thought that she and Sarah had a Thelma and Louise type "friendship",the time is ripe to show that she was sadly mistaken.


    I can't understand why she is surprised.......Palin is nothing but a big fake and an opportunist. Thank heavens she didn't get into the White House, and really has no power. Yet still she gets money and fame.....She should sink into obscurity! This should be a lesson to everyone.


    I'd put palin and elisabeth in a class together, neither are genuine and as flaky as can be. palin's only objective is to fatten her bank account...she simply quit her position for book deals reality shows, anything to earn a buck. elisabeth is so know all, never gives anyone a chance to speak, that I actually turn the channel when she's talking. So as earlier voiced, they're in a class together.


    What do you expect? Palin is a politician. I just hope the Republicans don't encourage her to run--I wouldn't vote for her even if they paid me.


    Actually Elisabeth IS fake. We regular viewers have seen her trash someone on the show, and then when the arrive as a guest, she smothers them with compliments. Unlike Sarah, Elisabeth has not worked from the bottom up and cannot relate to real people.

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