Dancing With the Stars Courting Lindsay Lohan!?

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Despite getting fired parting ways with the Linda Lovelace biopic Inferno, Lindsay Lohan may have a new project on the horizon: Dancing With the Stars!

"Dancing with the Stars producers have actually had Lindsay Lohan on their wish list of cast members for a very long time,” a source told Radar Online.

That we can see. She'd be great for generating buzz if nothing else. But would they actually pull the trigger given that ... well, this is Lindsay Lohan?

Looking Pretty Good!

DANCING QUEEN: Will Lindsay Lohan dance with the stars?

Though Lohan’s past has been a sticking point for the show, her current stay at the Betty Ford Center is producing positive results ... at least so far.

“The producers were concerned about her erratic behavior, but they are taking another look at asking her to come on next season,” the source added.

“She would be available because she isn't going to be filming Inferno," and not only that, “The girl can dance. Lindsay is actually wicked talented.”

One added bonus of the high-profile gig? BANK. “It pays very well. Lindsay has very limited income now and this could help get her out of the red."

Cast members typically receive $125,000 to start, with incentives building on top of that as they advance further into the season. Not a bad offer.

Despite the allure of the hit reality show, the source stressed that Lindsay’s future will depend in large part on what is best for her ongoing sobriety.

That would probably be 1-3 years of relative seclusion and 24/7 supervision a la Britney Spears, but she lacks that kind of family support system.

We'll see if her handlers rush her back to work or not, but at least for the time being, it looks like the troubled star is making recovery her #1 job.

“Lindsay won't be making decisions about what she chooses for her next project without consulting first with her treatment team,” the source said.

“This wasn't mandated by the court, her advisors or medical team, but Lindsay has taken that step herself, which is a very, very positive sign."

Can Lindsay stay clean?


If they put her on dwts i know for sure the ratings will PLUMMET!! She needs to focus on her sobriety, hollywood shows in general will definitely trigger temptation for troubled Lindsay...


hey,what's up with that!!!gave her another chance...we are only a human being.....and nothing in the whole lot world is imposible.....live laugh and love ??? from LG


I'm sure she'll look real cute with a court ordered ankle monitoring bracelet, an alcohol and drug monitor, plus visits from her parole officer on the set. And you know if they found a white powdery substance on the DWTS stage this time, it wouldn't be talcom powder.


Has she hit rock-bottom yet? Everytime I think she has, but then she keeps getting lower & lower...


um, kyle massey is a disney channel star, his own show! P.S. Bristol Palin a celebrity?!


um, kyle massey is a disney channel star, his own show!
P.S. Bristol Palin a celebrity?!


Lyndsay Lohan would actually be the biggest star that garbage show has ever had on it. Come to think of it, she may be the only person in the show's history to star in an actual movie in the past decade. PS - I still have no idea who Kyle Massy is?


she may have to wear pants if she goes on the show ... possible deal breaker right there


common just giv her a chance to at least have some hope of having a comeback. we hav seen many stars do that and are doing great now all thks to some lee way people gave. so why cant they do the same now

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