Michael Lohan: Lindsay Wasn't Fired, She Quit!

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Michael Lohan is slamming the director of Inferno, Matthew Wilder, for lying about firing Lindsay from the lead role in his upcoming Linda Lovelace biopic.

Celebuzz talked to Michael who claims that, in no uncertain terms, "Lindsay left Inferno. Wilder can shove it up his butt. She didn't want to do that movie."

"He's full of it. He was trying to ride our coattails."

Begging For it

ADVENTURES OF MILO: Today's task? Defend daughter's name!

Lindsay Lohan's highly-anticipated lead role in Inferno had been in limbo after failing drug tests, spending a few weeks in jail and landing in rehab indefinitely.

This caused shooting to be delayed, at which point Wilder said he let Lohan go and replaced her with Malin Akerman. It made sense ... but MiLo's crying foul.

"She doesn't need to do a movie like that," Michael Lohan said. "Give me a break. What a great thing to do for a girl that's going through recovery."

"Put her in a position to act in a position where she's a drug addict. Real genius, and he cares, right? Come on. Biggest hypocrite on the planet."

"If he wants to say he fired my daughter, let him say to to my face."

Your move, Wilder.


I think this is the best thing for her. She is a very talented young lady, I would hate to see her end up like Britney Murphy. She needs a tondeemrus amount of rehab and I hope she get the support she needs. Her parents should wake the hell up and help. Now her father will profit from doing all kinds of TV shows. What kind of help could he possibly be to her!!!


Wait a minute!! Lindsay told all of us she wanted nothing to do with her father ever again!! But seriously, who believes that a girl who's in & out of jail & rehab, suffers from drug & mental/emotional issues and has a dwindling career would quit a job offering the only bit of income for the next while?? And what director wouldn't sack someone with these issues! Dina Lohan just make me laugh with her staunch defending & constant reassurance that there is absolutely nothing wrong with her daughter. And Michael, fame hungry that he is, at least never denied she needed help...quite the opposite, which is obviously why Lindsay hates him & adores her mother! Don't get why she's with him for Thankgiving...


With this mouthpiece as a father, I can understand Lindsay
wanting to have very little to do with him. I'm not even related to him and find him obnoxious and annoying.


Hey!!! Wait a minute!!! This guy told all of us he would never, ever discuss anything about Lindsay to the media again! I'm all for defending a daughter. I have at least two. But, c'mon Milo... a promise is a promise!!!


Is it really that big of a deal micheal? :( jesus he is having a fit x( lol its not that seruis so calm down mike !!! Lindsey doesent even care that much....shes prob. at home laughing at u

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