Chelsea Handler on Angelina Jolie: What an Effin %$#&!

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Sources say that Angelina Jolie really hates Thanksgiving.

But hate is not even a strong enough word to describe how Chelsea Handler apparently feels about this A-list actress.

During a stand-up set in Newark, New Jersey last night, the E! host absolutely went off on Jolie, using words that we don't even feel comfortable printing here. Let's just say Handler doesn't exactly believe in the good intentions behind Brangelina's multiple adoptions.

Put the kids to bed and check out the minute-long rant below:

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Does anyone intelligent find Chelsea Handler funny?


I love,love,love it that Chelsea spoke the truth for what it is. She doesn't buy Angelina's act just as many feel the exact same way. The repulsive reputation that Angelina Holie worked so hard @ establishing,is not one that can be lived down by fronting the company of innocent children.


This women isn't cool! Or shall I say, as uncool as Angelina.
People have moved on and still this riff-raff of a woman doesn't want to let it go.Duhh!
Get a life, woman!!!


Personally im disgusted with Angelina Jolie. I've never been a fan. I thought she was weird back when she was kissing her brother and wearing blood around her neck, and I still think shes weird. Its completely irresponsible to have SIX children while being a full time actress, regardless of how many nannys that you can afford. It seems like EVERYTHING she does is for show. (Yes, including her adoptions) We get it, you're like a total "super woman". However, it'd be nicer if you realized that you're a MOTHER before you're an actress now. Jenifer Aniston has my support. She seems like a genuine person, where Angelina does not. In my opinion, Brad Pitt didn't realize what he was getting himself into and i'm willing to bet that he regrets it. Theres no denying that Angelina looks like a complete bit(H


Brad broke up with Jen, cause FRIENDS was so boring....those geeks, really who cared??????????????????


Chelsea is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of taste at all, I will NEVER watch her show again.....NEVER................................ Chelsea, she has 3 children now with Brad, have some respect for her and yourself or get out of the business.....


marriage is sacred and shld be btw the couple that entered it. Children r an addition and not a must in everymarriage. some pple are childless after marriage. does that mean they shld seek a divorce...marriage is a commitment btw 2 consenting adults to love themselves for life..So any idiot that is supporting that bitch angie shld go fuck them selves ...really. who says angie was not the reason btw their split? who...brad developed feelings for her and him being a stupid man that has no resepect for marriage ...allowed those feelings not to make his marriage with jen to the make or break holiday they both went angie is a sucker for sleeping around and it will remain in history that she is a homebreaker and she can carry her mixed race family and go screw her self.


Chelsea is NOT funny at all. She's somewhat of a bad-mouth white version of Margaret Cho.


Is this funny? Appart from the seemingly never-ending drama of Brad, Jen, Angie (I so had enough of it) was this really funny? I tell you, ...... is a *itch and a w*ore. Put in the name of somebody you don't like and I made the best joke of the year. Is it that easy to be a comedian and have a full house?


Oh no you didn't just try and pretend that we chit chat only gossip. Mr. Pitt said in his own words in multiple direct interviews the last two years of his marriage that his goal primary goal in life was starting a family. If she had left him because she wanted family and he didn't NO ONE would be bothered. Come on........ she wrecked her own marriage.