Bristol Palin: The Worst Person in the World!

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Bristol Palin is not really the Worst Person in the World, but she did earn the top spot in Keith Olbermann's nightly Countdown segment by that name.

The MSNBC host called out the DWTS finalist and daughter of Sarah Palin for her recent PSA with The Situation promoting safe sex and abstinence.

Olberman likened it to someone saying George W. Bush “kept us safe, ‘cept for that 9/11 thing, which doesn’t count.” Ouch. Here's the segment ...

Bristol responded on Facebook that calling her a hypocrite is an “old canard” and ripped Olbermann for being unoriginal in his “insincere incredulity.”

Think Sarah knows what those words mean? Nice refudiation in any case, B.

Not sure if he needed to go there with the 9/11 line, because all things Bristol are hilariously absurd on its their own merit, but that's Keith for you.

On a side note, Fox News really cited an Onion article as actual news? That's the journalistic equivalent of a Bristol Palin abstinence PSA for you.

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Funny that some people stick up for Bristol being a teen mother. But if she was some poor, innercity kid without the money her mommy provided to care for her child then you would all be up in arms about how irresponsible it was of her to have a child. So, it's O.K if an unwed young person has a child as long as their family can support them but it's wrong if they are not well off? Pick one people, it is either ok or not. Should not depend on the family's financial status!!


What is all this beating up on Bristol Palin. You can only do so much after which it becomes really booooooring. I personally think that all you extremely infantile and negative people out there did not think that Bristol would retaliate and may I say, very nicely to. Do all you people really enjoy beating up on her with the same old tunes or do you just not have brains of your own. It looks to me like you all are just "lemmings" and it is a pity that there are no cliffs about for you to plunge over. I take my hat off to Bristol as she does not attack people verbally on purpose but I am proud of her when she does respond to everybody's "bleatings" and does it damn well to. Keep it up Bristol.


I'm impressed with what her GED has done for her vocabulary!...? But, I'm no fan of her family's hypocrisy or politics!--ughhhh.


I'm impressed with what Bristol's GED certificate has done for her vocabulary! But, I can't stand her family's hypocrisy and politics--ughhh.


Hey remind me of Joy Behar,Cher,Rosie O'Donnell,Margaret Chow,Tina Fey.God will punish you someday ...only because you hate the PALINS family so much.


I absolutely love Bristol. You don't see people attacking girls from teen mom that promote abstenance. You dim witted liberal thinking mean centered people, they've "been there and done that" so they have a bigger influence on young girls. They can say hey I made a mistake and it's made things hard for me, don't make my mistake. Stop spreading your hate people, your sad excuses for American people. You go around calling conservatives and republicans names, and say they hate gays and sex before marriage but theres a difference between hating something and not supporting it. You 'adults' are not bright at all.


I really feel that Bristol is a hypocrit about the child out of wed lock and then promoting abstinence why in the world do we even listen to her or read any stories about her anyway? Im done reading anything about her.


Keith needs to go somewhere far away and stay there, but China or any of those countries won't have him. He lives under a rock


MSNBC > Democrat FOX > Republican


ya mama...don't worry about someone pushing their values on you. I can tell by the filth and ignorance you're spewing that you have none