Bristol Palin Makes Gay Joke About Margaret Cho

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Honestly, don't the Palins have someone who can tell Bristol and Willow to STFU on Facebook? They're not helping their mom's cause ... whatever that is.

In response to Margaret Cho's recent blog post about Sarah Palin forcing her to go on Dancing With the Stars, Bristol defended her family relatively well.

That is, until she ended things with an unfunny gay crack at Cho's expense.

Bristol ruined what was otherwise a decent open letter to Cho.

The 20-year-old takes issue with Cho's assessment that Sarah "harshly and openly" blames Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston for losing the 2008 election.

According to Bristol, if the comedian understood conservative politics better, she "would embrace us faster than KD Lang at an Indigo Girls concert."

We realize this is basically harmless (except to the institution of comedy), but on the heels of Willow Palin's homophobic rant, why go there? Idiot.

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I think it's just the fact that Bristol Palin isn't funny....or bright.


Shitstol is like herpes, she cums and goes.


I love how this blog summed up Bristol's comments down to one line... which is taken out of context. She didn't say anything negative about Cho other than expressing her shock over Cho's comments. Its not a gay-bashing joke. In fact she is pointing out that she as a conservative supports the individual rights of the people (including gays) over that of governmental power.


Junior, I'm still chuckling at your phrase "trailer fecal matter"-- that pretty much sums it up and it does so very neatly. Thanks for the laugh.


Lots of American Idol gals try out...and their baby mama's !!


d u the days of women having to be tied to their young uns is over....good for Palin to live a dream that could come once in a lifetime!!


I admire Margaret Cho for doing Dancing With the STars...her parents were sooo cute!! i for one am not getting caught up in the drama, i kind of like Cho..and i have a new respect for Bristol...she was one sexy mama on Dancing With the STars!!


Junior - "It's clogging up valuable celeb space." Does that mean you consider Margaret Cho a valuable celeb? She hasn't recovered since she came out, expecting to get treated with all the respect that Ellen got, when she didn't realize Ellen has always been a kind endearing comic while Margaret has always been a negative comic, and that's what did her in. She's a sourpuss, and we all have enough negativity in our lives without paying to see crap that brings us down further.


Cho ain't been right in the head since her comedy show failed. In my opinion, she's a wannabe that has no business throwing stones at others. I use to think she was funny. Now I just think she's pathetic.


uuuuuyyyyyyyyyyyyy q chimba de mamasota buenona q espectacular modelo muy estrovertida q cuerpazo el q tiene esta despanpanante y escultural belleza es esta mamasota buenona bristol palin q dios te bendiga chao