Being Frankel: Bethenny Dishes on Past Eating Disorder, Weight Struggle

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She's the woman being Naturally Thin diet books, but Bethenny Frankel admits in the latest issue of Redbook that there was nothing natural about her past eating habits.

"I used to get drunk and binge on everything in the deli, and then do a juice fast or starve, then do it all over again," she says.

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However, the reality star's 2009 pregnancy changed her focus for the better.

"Most people treat pregnancy like the big binge, and then they can't take the excess weight off so they go on a crash diet," she explained. "I didn't listen to anyone; I knew I was going to do it my way."

With the Bravo show starring her and Jason Hoppy scheduled for a second season on Bravo, Frankel also admit she's glad to be free from The Real Housewives of New York City.

"I'm completely done with women being rewarded for bad behavior. I don't bite the hand that feeds me, and I'm very grateful to Bravo, but thank God I got out of that alive. It was fun the first season. Then it got not fun, and then it got scary and unhealthy and disgusting."


NATURALLY THIN??? She's not "naturally" anything. Even her boobs are fake. She is either bulimic, anorexic, or both. Just look at her face. Phony. And she needs to shut that big pie hole about her childhood. It's getting really OLD. Was she molested, beaten, starved, sold into slavery???NO..she was "neglected". Oh, STF up.


I cannot stand this woman. She is a horror show. She looks like a trainwreck anorexic, and is coarse, rude, egomaniacal and low class. Her body and face look so in the world do people listen to her BS??? She is a fake, and a hypocrite. A slithering snake who'll do anything for cash and fame...even exploit her baby. The husband is pathetic, and LOVES the camera and fame just as much as she does. Who is he kidding? He was very inappropriate talking to those woman about sex and porn,etc. at Bethenny's function. Perv. Yet she fires the little guy, Max, for the same thing AFTER she makes him buy her underwear and pack them and talks about sex on an hourly basis. She is a total fake, hypocrite and starves herself, Healthy??? who is she kidding..come on, ladies. Wake up.


Just have to say I love Bethenny. I'm a 75 year old grandmother who found Housewives by chance and I'm sorry I didn't find them in the first season. However, I got the CD's for both seasons as a Christmas gift. My grandaughter was born on May 11, 2010 3 days after Bryn. In fact they look alike. Bethenny is such a loving mother and a straight from the shoulder shooter. There's no guessing as to where she stands on any situation. She's honest and tells it like it is. I love that about her. Jason and Bethenny are a wonderful couple and I hope they last forever, they both know that communication is the way to a happy marriage. If I had a wish that would be granted, I wish I could be their friend. Love to both of them.


From past photos of her, it doesn't appear that she was 20 lbs heavier like she claims to have been. This woman is a hypocrite and exaggerator. How is this woman a role model to anyone? This is the most self-centered, ego-maniacal woman I've ever seen. There are only a few reality shows that have any merit. Hers is definitely not one of them. Anyway, she looks quite awful now, not healthy looking at all.


"I used to get drunk and binge on everything in the deli, and then do a juice fast or starve, then do it all over again," she says. So was she binging at the deli then starving while she spouted herself as a Natural Foods Chef and selling her healthy living books? What a hypocrite. She is vile.


Bethenny has jumped the shark. I am so over her. She'd be smart to get out of this reality insanity now

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