Malin Akerman Cast in Lindsay Lohan's Inferno Role

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She says the decision to part ways was mutual, while our reports say Lindsay Lohan got fired from Inferno. Regardless, she's out of the Linda Lovelace biopic.

The filmmakers have already replaced her, too. Malin Akerman, best known for roles in Watchmen, Couples Retreat and The Heartbreak Kid, will star instead.

One Skinny Bitch

"Malin is passionate to take the challenge of the role to task," says Inferno producer Chris Hanley, "and we feel she has the talent to meet that challenge."

The downside? All the Lindsay Lohan pics to promote the film are wasted!

CHOKE ARTIST: A scene from Lindsay Lohan's bedroom Tuesday night Inferno.


1st of all 2:"ackerman lover" GEEZ Put a sock in it, you make me sick this is not a porn site for ppl such as your self; cant get laid in real life so you become a pedophile perv online looking at 3xGirls Probaly young ones too & fantasy about the untochable celeb's and search for any scene even the smallest that shows atleast a glince, shade or part of a female actress you become obsessed & an online stalker if Malin was to read your msg. She would flip, shit bricks & get a body guard, well.. had it be any other actress it be the case but knowing her she would flip with joy knowing that she has a stalker making her "famous, wanted, popular & sexually desire with her " sensual body" pst.. she really should get over her low self steam for I hate to say it she's not at all ugly, nevertheless I would've rather lindsy play the part & then the movie would have been a real HIT


Malin is way fucking hotter than lindsay. so thumbs up. Ill stare at her tits all fucking day if she wants to show the world them. her body is uhhhhh how you say........FUCKING PERFECT. hot as fuck. good job malin. totally gonna watch this flic now and your the only reason for it :)


Of course malin akerman jumps at the chance to flash her tits more! Why doesn't she just be a porn star instead- she act like one in almost every single movie she in. I mean she's cute & funny & all but come on! Why do all female actresses seem to think that becoming a serious actress means doing a bunch of boob shots & acting like a slut? Its sad...


WOW how pathetic that she couldn't even pull herself together long enough to act like a porn star now that's funny!!

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