Kendra Wilkinson Insists: Moms Can Be Sexy!

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Kendra Wilkinson has had it!


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    Kendra is just so lucky that watching her is like watching a car wreck. We cant wait to see exactly dumb one person can be. I dont think she realizes that this is why she gets so much press though. She can never get enough attention and is desperate to be known for being other than someones piece of ass, hence the revelations that moms can be sexy, etc. She hears something and jumps on it, never thinking that if she heard it, so has EVERYONE ELSE! The dumb, misleading story thing needs to stop. Hello boy who cried wolf? I will be waiting for the day she really steps in it, but no one believes her because of these stunts. Being young is NO EXCUSE. She is not that young anymore, and should know better. She made grown up decisions, so she needs to act accordingly and set the example for the people she is preaching to and her own kids.


    i totally agree with skank! kendra wilkinson has got that trashy blonde bimbo mentality! period. she doesnt want to be a mother, its obvious. hank is a FOOL for putting a ring on this bitches finger. kendra is whorish, shes always been whorish and she will always be whorish. its who she is. her white trash self shouldve stayed at the playboy mansion because that loose lifestyle fits her nasty ass! its like shes scared to death that men wont find her sexy anymore! that should be the last thing shes worried about! you have a kid! why dont you fucking concentrate on raising him instead of trying to prove how fuckable you still are and how you still "got it"! i have soooooo much more respect for jenna jameson! she did a complete 180 after she had kids. she wont even do a maxim cover anymore! kendra still wants to play! someone else needs to raise her kid because she doesnt seem to have those motherly instincts.


    i agree with skank she is getting on my nervses and she can' be sexy just don't go do playboy and talking about taking your clothes off she is still a skank to me


    Im honestly sick of THG reporting this dumb bitch. she changes her story every fucking second. So wise words for kendra : YES.......Moms CAN BE SEXY. Lots of people know that. However.....going to the tabloids just to say your sexy......not so much. Your obviously starved for fucking attention


    Of course moms can be sexy, they just don't need to show there naked bodies in playboy to prove it!


    Look at their name-they are both *basket* cases. Wait til you see where they are a year from now-and what Kendra does for cash. Heheh


    for the love of pete kendra, how's about a tiny bit of depth? what's with exempliflying being a bottomless self absorbed pit?


    not if you do playboy again and talking about taking your clothes off again

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