Kendra Wilkinson Continues to Mislead the Public

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Kendra Wilkinson is not exactly the most talented celebrity on the planet.

Therefore, in order to garner attention for the new season of her E! reality show, the centerfold has resorted to simply misleading the public regarding events in her life. For example:

  • Kendra made a huge deal out of NOT posing for Playboy again. Was this technically true? Yes. Is she on the cover of that magazine's holiday issue? Yes.
  • Kendra gave an interview in which she whined about being a single parent. Is she? Of course not. She's wealthy and married and simply lives apart from her husband for a few weeks per year.

Now, Wilkinson is at it again. Pictured on the cover of In Touch Weekly, the giant-boobed blonde says baby number-two is "on the way." Does this mean she's pregnant? No, it's tabloid 101, folks. On the way could mean that one will arrive at some point in the future... maybe.

Totally Not Pregnant

Kendra Wilkinson is pregnant... with lies about her life!


Kendra is not a WHORE she is a lovely lady that has got on with her life. you need to get a life and stop hateing just cause you don't have a life like her where everyone likes you and wants to be friends with you so back off and get a life you slag!!!!!
love you Kendra!!!!xxxxxxx


OMG all you haters are pathetic! You seriously have no life if you feel justified in making horrible comments about someone YOU DONT EVEN KNOW!!!! All you know is what the media feeds to you. GET A LIFE then maybe you wouldnt need to bring other people down by talking shit for no reason. You all make me laugh.


One more thing, Kendra is not a good mother, she is a whore who happen to get knocked up by a good man. That is all!


Diane, she and her publicist keep feeding lies to the magazines, and they pay her to post the lies and put her on the cover. She needs to go to Mn and be with her husband, and stay away from LALLALand of many divorces, and women running around with their accessories on their side. Kendra is a user and a loser. Someone needs to knock some sense into Hank's head before he losoes his mind. I also agree that NFL team maybe rejecting him because of Kendra, but even more, I think they are rejecting him because of the reality show. He needs to get off and take his child off the show too.


Diane, she wants to continue to be a "famous whore!" How much longer before Hank and his family is tired of her. It won't be long. Infact, even her own mother and grandmother will be tired fo her. All her fanatics will soon be jumping ship to better reality peopls and shows. Just watch! As for Kendra next book, what the hell could she possible put in another book. How to snatch a rich football player and use him then cast him a side like a dirty dish rag? I hope people don't waste their money on this book that will be conjured up by her publicist. Something tells me she is back to banging him now.


There is no need for name calling and putting a whole family down. When a person makes a choice they need to decide what is right for them. Do I like seeing her on a magazine cover every week? No I do not, but I am not going to call names on innocent people who are just trying to live their lives to the best that they know how. Kendra needs to change and no one else but her.


This magazine cover kind of reminds me of Michael Jackson and Bubbles.


well think about this she's in la and hank is in mintasode for the vickings and she said she want to live for her


ok so if your famous and a mom would you do playboy i wouldn't i don't care hoe much money in it i don't want my child se it no matter if he was over 18 you just don't do that .


whatever u quyz say about kendra is bullshit;
shes awesome && a qreat mom(:
screw wat everybdy says!!!

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Kendra Wilkinson was a star on The Girls Next Door. But she left that show, along with Hugh Hefner, in 2008. From there, Kendra met and... More »
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