Eric Roberts: Kate Gosselin is a Child Abuser!

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In random but true news, Eric Roberts, actor, brother of Oscar-winner Julia and father of Emma Roberts, has come out and labeled Kate Gosselin a child abuser.

“I know she's fading from the news, but hopefully someone's still got their eye on the wellbeing[sic] of her kids. Kate Gosselin is a child abuser,” Roberts said.

He expanded on his opinion to the blog Small Town Gosselins, which chronicles Kate and the eight kids she shared with now ex-husband Jon Gosselin.


Eric Roberts is no fan of "cruel horror" known as Kate Gosselin.

Calling Kate a "cruel horror," Eric certainly does not mince words.

“Thank goodness there's film of Kate spanking her kids, and apparently feeling fine about it. I say thank goodness, because behind closed doors makes it that much tougher to stop,” Roberts explained, saying their state of life is an issue.

“They have an awful mother, and a father who doesn't stop her.”

“The kids Kate and Jon have are why Kate and Jon have money,” the actor said, noting the kids are short-changed financially. “It would be awful if financial stress added to those kids' problems. The money should be divided 10 ways.”

Although his daughter herself began working at a tender age, now Roberts believes “children are not fully willing participants in anything during childhood.”

However, he disagrees with Jon Gosselin’s remark (during his mea culpa) about making the kids stop filming and believes Jon is taking up the wrong issue:

“I think Jon is being unrealistic. How is that family going to live?”

“The kids could have a great time doing the show if their mom wasn't a cruel horror who is clearly repeating generational abuse. Jon's got his eye on the wrong ball," he said. "The kids, however, should not be forced to do anything.”

His advice for the control freak? “Get out of denial and receive anger management ... Next time she feels herself lifting a hand to harm her children, she should instead make a call to a 12-step program. She's playing the role of good mom. When she stops playing the role as it's written, she should be fired.”

What do you think? Is Kate a child abuser?


Turns out Eric was right.In a new book by Robert Hoffman,he is able to expose kate for what she really is...and that's a Child Abuser.He has 100% proof and passed a lie detector test with flying colors.Read the book for yourself and you'll come to the same conclusion...Kate Gosselin is a child abuser.TLC has stopped the book for now...not to protect cover their own butts.They knew this abuse was going on and did nothing to stop it.They have not said the book is filled with lies...they are saying he released "trade secrets" covered by confidentiality agreements.Again read the book...Kate really did fool the world...and whats worse...she is abusing the kids and NO ONE is helping them.


I have not seen him doing aiynhtng but party. I can understand Kate being upset.


I dont know this guy but I dont like him.Who is he to judge Kate.I love to watch even my 4 year old grand child likes to watch the show.and a child can sence a bad who ever he is LAY OFF you dont know what your talking the other people said you just want to get your face in the news.


I think Kate Gosselin has used the children for financial purposes. It wasn't a selfless sacrifice; the tummy tuck, designer handbags and eye to the camera evidence that. She has achieved a certain lifestyle at the children's expense and she will not give it up. Her diva approach and uneven ratio of punishment/nurturing do in fact emotionally abuse. It is clear that in the end, it is about Kate. I'm so thumbs down on that fake woman, and I applaud Eric Roberts, seasoned and on the winning side of his own demons, for advocating those children. It comes better from a person who has walked through his own fires.


I want to know is his word just as "good" as ours why is everyone taking him so literally? I mean was he ever around them? Or is he just going by what he sees if thats true everyone knows kate is a control freak....i mean john needs to grow some balls and take his kids and if hre cant well he needs to put his foot down but i also want to know where the hell is cps? They havent got involved and its amazing the way them to argue it is a unfit envoirement for those kids and i agree with john and i also agree that ya there are bigger issues than just the show there are some things kate needs to get control of and not just anger doesent anyone besides john (cause lord knows he has no balls whatsoever when it comes to kate be a man) that sees and actually cares that the kids are not greatly being affected (badly) by this bs?


Eric Roberts ex alcoholic and God knows what else not claims Kate is child abuser! Nice! I may not like Kate and Jon, maybe I don't agree with Kate's life, but still I wouldn't dare to call her abuser! If she was so abusive to her kids, that would show up in other ways, not by expelling Colline and Alexis from school. Kids are anyways under the public pressure and they are standing against that the way the know to deal with. Eric didn't dare to have kids but he dares to judge. Buzz off!


I'm really not crazy about them, but I do take my hat off to her for taking care of business when her kids act up. Child abuser no.


I think this Eric Roberts guy has it ALL wrong. First off, who is he? And second, who is he to judge.
I'll say one thing for sure, society has made anything negative these days into something abusive. Its in the childcare systems and the school systems. Its all about positivitey. Well I'm sorry to burst their bubbles but guess what? There are negative things in this world that are not abusive. I was spanked as a child and I am a successful, independent woman and I do not believe that spanking your child will do them any harm.
On another note, just because this Eric guy and many others including myself, don't like Kate Gosselin, she is hardly a bad mother. And definitely not and abusive person. Maybe a little controlling at times but she does the best with what she has and everyone should just leave her alone and mind their on business.


Alexis and Collin were exlelled from their private school. How can Kate claim she's a good parent? No one expells kindergarteners unless there are serious problems.


why is it that people come out and judge? how is he taking care of his own kids? the news made people to hate kate by making her private life public and spreading a wrong news about. i dont think all of us writting about kate are far more ´good fathers and good mothers´. everyone hides thier secret and judge kate. jobless people.


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