Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene: Happy as Ever!

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Following the announcement by Demi Lovato that she's seeking treatment for an abundance of personal issues, Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene have found themselves under unexpected fire.

Fans of the 18-year old singer initially jumped to unfortunate conclusions and blamed Demi's ex for dating Greene so soon after he and Lovato broke up. The criticism has since died down, allowing these two to focus on their relationship.

Which, sources confirm, is going extremely well.

Greene and Jonas

Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas: Coffee today, a ring tomorrow?!?

E! News quotes a friend that says Ashley's parents have met Joe and simply adore him. Look for this couple to spend the holidays together.

"They are happy as ever right now," says the pal.

And, hey, no signs yet that Greene is corrupting Jonas in any way. So that's good.


Luv u ash....plz leave him and marry me


that guy has been proven toxic though, you can see it from the line of ugly break ups and angry women he's left behind him. she's be wise to move on.


@KSmith: Not sure I follow the critique. Did I ever claim this photo was from this week or anything?


mhmmm riigghhhttt anywaysss meaningless post piled in the who friggin cares department. Like joe, needs to get rid of ashley...something thats been said a thousand times before...blah blah zzzzz


If you're going to make up stories, at least photo shop the clothing they're wearing in the recycled picture... That might make it a tad more believable. Also, it might help to not link the story you pulled the picture from...

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