Demi Lovato Fans Start Twitter War with Ashley Greene, Joe Jonas

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Demi Lovato removed herself from touring this week and admitted she needs treatment for emotional and physical issues.

Such an announcement has produced an outpouring of support - but, sadly, it's also resulted in a few of Demi's Twitter followers/fans directing their anger at Lovato's ex, Joe Jonas, and his new girlfriend, Ashley Greene.

Dressed Up Demi

Support Demi Lovato with love, people, not hate toward others.

Writes @WeLoveLovato: "I seriously hate you. @AshleyMGreene," while @Trashtheashley adds:

Hey @AshleyMGreene? You're the reason for Demi's breakdown, we all know that. Emotional abuse from you, and your friends. You are lower than a snake on the ground.

THG is not normally in the habit of posting random Tweets, but these individuals have over 100,000 followers between them. They're playing a very dangerous, ignorant blame game. Multiple sources close to Lovato have confirmed that she's suffered at the hands and words of bullies since middle school.

The deep-seeded issues that have led her to this place have been festering for years. They are not the result of some Ashley Greene Tweet.

Ok, rant and plead for a greater understanding over. We'll simply conclude by saying: follow THG on Twitter!

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you know just shut up it is just price of fame and dont heat ashley it is not her fault he just found a new girl every normal person will have failure relationships till he find the right one so get a life people its not your problem.


Lol I laughed At this because a homewrecker is when your married ! Demi and Joe were broken up for awhile and then He liked Ashley lol but they didnt` last ethier dont be hateful towards Ashley!


you know what people i was soo mad
most of the picture where joe jonas kissing demi he wasn't in love with her like she was she loved him soo much
he broke her heart and went to ugly Ashely seriously ewww and you know what Ashely if you are reading this then one thing if you knew joe jonas is a mean ugly thing then why did u date him think about demi and the people hating you demi has more fans we love her!!!1


demi eu sou sua fãn te amo mtooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
eu queria te fazer duas perguntas
a selena gomez é sua melhor amiga?
e se ela for vc sabe se ela esta namorando o justin bieber?
te amuuuu amo a selena tbm bjsssss


Demi Lovato has always been my idol until her recent slutty pics on the net. She is going down the wrong road in life just as her bff miley cyrus. She really should just move on and find some joy in her life you know re-connect with her old friends such as Selena Gomez. Who cares that joe has a new girl friend everyone will go through life with many boy or girl friends. Ashley Greene is a nice girl and Demi Lovato can be one if she can CONTROL herself.


How in gods name is Ashley to blame for Demi being a complete retard. Leave her alone, shes been nothing but sweet and loyal. Demi fans need to go put their dog tongues up their throat and shut the hell up about Ashley.


I was followed by Demi... but i stick up for no one everyone has a story, were not here to write it up for them. Twitter @AngelOvDeath


Wow some really harsh comments here. I think that demi has some issues that she needs to sort out herself and It's good that she put herself into rehab for her own problems. but all in all there really is no need for all this internet bullying. no one knows the real truth until there is a confession, so why are you all pointing fingers?
There is war after war and children starving and being abused etc and here you all are complaining about Demi lavato, Joe jonas and ashley greene, like it really matters. If you all disagree on bullying just look at whay you are doing here bad mouthing poor joe and ashly greene. that right there is bullying and you all are just encouraging bullying.
Maybe all you bad mojo's should take a good look at yourselves before making bad remarks about others. celebrity or not were all human


All I have to say to this is, don't put down other celebrities just because you think it's their fault Demi went into rehab. You don't know the whole story and stop trying to act like you do. Demi Lovato is a wonderful person, anyone can see that. But it's true, don't try to support her by putting other celebs down. Support her by showing her love. It doesn't really matter if you think that the only way to get to people is to be nasty. That's not it at all. More or less, you'll just piss them off and make the situation worse. So watch your words and what you say, don't be stupid. And don't stick your noses somewhere where it doesn't belong.


You people are so pathetic! you dont know the whole story between these three people so do yourself a favor and shut the fuck up and get a fucking life. do something productive in your life besides talking shit over the internet. low lives !!!

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