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President Barack Obama will appear on the Discovery Channel’s MythBusters Dec. 8, as proven (it’s no myth) by the just-released promo for the episode below.

In it, the Commander-in-Chief has the hosts test the Dancing With the Stars voting system. Just kidding. They break down the famed Archimedes Solar Ray.

Obama on MythBusters

That’s the weapon supposedly created by the Greek scientist utilizing only the sun and mirrors to torch invading Roman ships around 200 B.C. Real or fake?

“I am a big fan of MythBusters,” Obama says. “I am, and so are the girls.” Of the mythical solar ray, Barack believes it still “hasn’t been thoroughly tested.”

“Figure this out and report back to me,” he orders.

No pressure. Between Barack and Sarah Palin, whose own TLC show is generating buzz along with Bristol’s DWTS run, it’s hard to tell who’s on TV more!

An election pitting the two of them against each other would be entertaining and heated, to say the least. Who would you hypothetically vote for?