Gay Tea Party Group Defends Willow Palin, Claims Teen's Rant is NOT Homophobic

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A gay, conservative, tea-party heavy group is coming to the defense of Sarah Palin's daughter Willow Palin after she called a guy a f*ggot on Facebook.

GOProud (dot) org states: "The slur used here is one you hear on the streets of West Hollywood or Chelsea every day of the week. Apparently, it's only a homophobic slur when it comes from the daughter of a conservative female leader."

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"This is all about destroying Sarah Palin by any means necessary."

What hilarious nonsense. You can brush it off as just a word, or defend her for being a kid who didn't mean it that way. Those are feasible arguments at least. But to say this is only a big deal because it's Willow Palin is laughable.

Any famous youngster or famous person's teenager, whatever their political leanings, would be called out for dropping the f-bomb on Facebook. Maybe it's wrong of the media to care so much what kids do, but it's a universal trend.

Isaiah Washington, Lil Wayne, Perez Hilton, Ronnie from Jersey Shore and many others would beg to differ there. Hurtful, low-class language will be called out as such. Not everything Palin-related is some conspiracy, good or bad.

Anyway, tell us if you agree: Is Willow Palin homophobic?

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Listen what do you expect from trailer trash, but trash.
The Palins are clearly from a trailer granted it's in Alaska.
I agree it doesn't have wheels but it's still a trailer.
The more they all stay in Alsaka the better is for the rest of us.


This is the same group of morons who invited Ann Coulter as the keynote speaker to their convention. They're just a fringe group trying to get attention by being controversial and ironic.


What Willow needs to remember is that Tre has every right to his opinion of her mothers show. That in no way calls for being called a homo or gay....I am sorry but if Sarah Palin ever won it would be a disgrace to put these people in the White House. Her children have been a disgrace since day one...Bristol and her teen pregnancy...Willow and her vandalism charge in Alaska...the son in the military because he was order by a judge military or jail..god knows what he did...This is not the type of family we need in the White House. We would be a joke.


What most of you people defending Willow dont know...this is not the first time Willow has been in trouble. Not long ago Willow caused $10,000 vandalism to a local school. Its on record in Alaska. This girl has her problems. So sorry...I dont give her a pass. I think because she thinks she is Palin's daughter she can do what she wants and get away with it. But let one of Obama's daughters talk like that and boy the teabaggers and Palin would be all over it and you know it. Sorry Willow is no better than anyone else.


Politically correct speech is using homosexual instead of gay or african american instead of black. That is splitting hairs. N*gger and F*ggot are slurs period. Don't confuse the two. There is a big difference between rap stars and first family wannabes. DMX's family doesn't have there eyes set on the whitehouse, and Willow Palin isn't a rap star pushing songs using the word f*ggot. LC is right you are ignorant.


I have a brilliant idea for Sarah Palin. To prove her family isn't homophobic she should announce her stance in favor of gay rights. That if elected president she would fight for the right for gays to marry and have all of the benefits of marriage bestowed upon them. In addition she should fight for the right of the transgendered as well. Make sure their medical needs are met by big time insurance companies, or even better socialized medicine. Maybe then I could respect her a little.


JK - you're ignorant. Don't think just because you read 1984 that we're supposed to be impressed. Yes you can say what you want; but don't do so and try to call off the hounds. The First Amendment grants the right of free speech to the KKK, and other hate groups alike. It doesn't mean we are expected to elect one of them to be our president. Bottom line -- this has NOTHING TO DO WITH CENSORSHIP, and to pretend it does devalues those rights.


But rappers use this word and the N word in many of their songs and nobody says a word. "Dropping the F-bomb" is used to describe someone who used the word f*ck, not faggot. Please get it right. And who runs this site? You are obviously a left wing nutcase who wants to ban freedom of speech. Welcome to 1984, Orwell was right, just a bit off in the year it would all happen. NEW speak at it's best except we call it Politically Correct Speech. Gag me.


Wow - seriously? Why did she have to respond? She IS old enough to know better. What ever happened to taking the high road? Gay and queer you maybe able to pull off as kidspeak, but F*ggot? That's a homophobic slur no matter where you are or who you are. It's so low class, and it's horrible. The fact that a "gay" tea party group is sticking up for such behavior is laughable, and a true example of lap dog republicans. It is so sad to think that they will just try to explain away anything to toe the line. The fact is if this was Obama's daughter that said this it would then be the lead story on FOX news. Please would someone tell me when they will draw the line? If one of her kids got drunk, drove and killed someone -- would it just be some youthful indiscretion? She should be learning a lesson from this. Don't excuse her behavior.


I predict that in a couple more years Willow will "Come Out" and we will see her marching in San Francisco's Gay Pride Parade followed by an interview with an apology for her past anti-gay remarks. Oh yeah, and she will also be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars.